Testimonial for Cleaning Service

Sherry and her team have been cleaning my home for about five years. They’ve been with me through jobs, celebrations and major milestones. They’ve also been with me through the worst time of my life. My son went to Iraq in 2003, and was killed in action while serving his country. In the meantime, his room was just as he’d left it. The posters on the walls, the clothes in the closet, the messy bed. I always wondered how the military would ever convince my messy kid to make a tidy bed. I just couldn’t bring myself to touch it. So I called Sherry and her team. It just seemed like the best thing to do. They took care of everything. They carefully boxed up and labeled all his belongings so that if I ever needed to find them, I could. Sherry even left me a condolence card. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. There’s customer service, and then there is what Sherry and her team did, which is to help heal my hea