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Translation & Language Voice Over Recording

Error-free voice over translation is important. People will view an organization based on their skill at speaking their language of origin. With hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects spoken throughout the world, ensuring your script is accurate and finding the right voice over talent on your own can be a mammoth task.

Translating a Script

At Edge Studio, we work with translation partners that have a global reach to ensure that your script is translated accurately and authentically and that it meets the expectations of native language speakers from that area or region. 

We can also arrange for a translation monitor to attend individual recording sessions to ensure that language, tone, and inflection are spot on. Never worry that your project will be misrepresented due to a language or translation error. Let us have your script translated precisely as needed.

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Recording Voice Over Translation

With an accurately translated script in hand, we can help you recruit voice actors with voice over skills that meet your needs. We have the flexibility to scale casting to meet your specific production needs whether a solitary monologue or a multi-part gaming performance.

Our goal is to bring together authentic scripting and natural language speakers to keep your project on time and on budget.

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