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Voice Over Casting & Recording

Casting in 50 languages

Casting in 50 languages

Do you have a fantastic voice over project that needs talent to match?  We’ll be happy to reach out to our substantial network of in-house talent or to any of the many agencies in New York City and beyond with whom we have an enduring relationship in order to find exactly the right voice actors that you need for your project.  Any language, accent, or even “feel” can be fulfilled with our top-notch casting services.  Stop by our VO Library to see a small sampling of the many wonderful talent we have at our disposal.

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Recording for TV, apps, media, film, dubbing, books, games,...

Recording for TV, apps, media, film, dubbing, books, games,...

Do you need your project to meet the highest standards of quality?  Edge can accommodate you, no matter where the talent or client are in the world.  Not only do we have first-rate recording studios at our New York headquarters or our Los Angeles satellite studios, but we can facilitate work at any recording studio in the world, even a talent’s home studio.  We always vet our studios to make sure that the audio quality is up to our rigorous standards, and any recording time that you book with us will include one of our expert engineers, to ensure that your audio comes out of the session sounding the absolute best.

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Post Production Services

Post Production Services

Edge Studio’s editing services can take your raw audio and turn it into something spectacular!  It’s one thing to record someone reading your script.  It is another entirely to edit that raw recording into something that is easy to manage and clean as a whistle. Edge Studio also offers a full suite of Mixing and Sound Design services, for those whose projects need the extra polish that broadcast or theatrical exhibition requires.  Our experienced engineers will make sure your recordings come out sounding crisp, clean, clear, and  polished.  You’ll be proud to exhibit any track that Edge Studio has mixed or designed.

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Translation & Language

Translation & Language

Edge studio works very closely with our translation partners to make sure that any recording that you do at Edge Studio has that natural-sounding feel, no matter the language of origin or the language of the voice over.

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Studio Rentals & DIY Booths

Studio Rentals & DIY Booths

Interested in renting out our studios for auditions?  Or a small project or screening?  Click below to find out more.


Amazing real studios, with real experienced & friendly people!

Edge Studio is a full-service Voice Over production studio, and we’re here to help bring your vision to fruition.  Whether you have a commercial spot that needs just that right feel, a video game or an audiobook that needs dynamic and expressive actors, or medical narration that needs someone who can handle that oh-so-tricky pronunciation, we’ve got you covered.  Everything from the earliest casting to the last of your post-production needs can be handled by our capable team of dedicated Voice Over professionals.  Browse our services below and Request a Quote today!

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Professional voice over and recording services

The quality of a voice over recording sometimes has an even greater impact on the target audience than just the video itself. It helps to grasp attention, get a listener invested, and convey important information. The online recording services have become very popular among companies because they allow to get all the work done remotely.

Edge Studio recording offers a wide range of recording and audio processing options. By using a digital audio production service, you can attract new customers, build trust in your product, and improve brand awareness. We will find the best solution for the fantastic success of your project.

High-quality voice over services online

Recording services in Edge Studio meet all quality standards. Our studios in New York and Los Angeles are equipped with the latest technology. All equipment is configured, controlled, and managed by an experienced team.

Responsible approach and love for our work allow us to get crystal-clear high-quality sound, regardless of the location of the client or a voice actor. Don’t limit yourself to local offers – we have thousands of voice actors available to you. Sound recording can be done online from anywhere in the world. Nothing will limit your creative ideas and goals.

In addition, an online voice over service saves your time and does not require constant presence in the recording studio.

You can order the following voice over services:

Thanks to high-tech equipment and the professionalism of our employees, the recording will sound as clear as possible and in accordance with your requirements.

How is voice over online done?

Online video voice over in Edge Studio includes a full list of audio recording services. The client can control the production process and control the voice actor remotely via Zoom, ipDTL and other programs. It is also possible to join us online directly during the recording process.

You can create a voice over online in our studio using the following layout:

  • ordering a service, the prices and terms agreement;
  • providing the script, its revision and modification, if needed;
  • audition of a voice actor (artists) or a narrator;
  • recording and selection of the best takes;
  • rough processing of audio recording, addition of music and sound effects;
  • final post-production;
  • delivery of finished files to the client.

Professional recording services online

Edge Studio is a team of qualified professionals who will help bring your idea to life. We offer our clients:

  • Professional audition. Every successful project needs its own talents. We have access to an extensive database of the best voice over artists and narrators around the world. With us you can hire a voice actor online who will meet all your requirements: gender, language, voice timbre, accent, vocal range, etc.
  • Recording with high quality standards. Turning to us, you get a guarantee of impeccable sound recorded with the most modern equipment.
  • Extensive post-processing. The clarity, purity and quality of the audio track is determined by the level of its additional “polishing”. With us you will receive a full range of tuning, mixing and sound design services from the best engineers.

We also offer to make voice over online in more than 100 world languages.

Benefits of voice over and production services in Edge Studio

No online voice over software can replace a team of professionals with high-tech equipment. If you want to get a result that exceeds all bold expectations, we recommend that you contact Edge Studio recording company.

We are worth turning to because we:

  • have more than 10 years of practical experience;
  • work with the most modern and technologically advanced equipment;
  • work closely with foreign partners and agencies;
  • have a wide staff of administrators, stand directors, engineers, voice over talents and casting experts;
  • provide voice acting and turnkey production services at an affordable price.

Online voice agency in New York and Los Angeles

Digital sound production services from our company are a guarantee of a professional result. We analyze, plan, and carry out the implementation of each project with a clear correspondence to the requirements of the client. With Edge Studio, you get flawless recording, including remote voice overs that will have the desired effect on the target audience.

You can visit our studios in New York and Los Angeles and consult with our experts in person to bring your unique project to life. If you live anywhere else, you can easily order our voice over services online. Just fill out the form on our website.

Voice Over and Audio Production Services

Voice Over Audiobooks

Recording and narrating audiobooks is one of the popular services at Edge Studio. Our team consists of experienced narrators, engineers, directors, editors, and reviewers. With the help of professional sound production equipment, we create high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles in a creative working environment.

Audiobook narration here also comes with confidence; you’ll be assured of getting a sound that is engaging and pleasant to the ear. And more importantly, will immediately capture the attention of the audiobook reader!

Voice Over Video

A fitness video course, an animated series, a webinar, a product review on YouTube, a presentation, or a corporate training video – these are all examples of what can be voiced over in a professional recording studio. Sound is a key element for engaging your customer and delivering your message in the most effective way. A properly planned, recorded, and edited voice over for your video can become a powerful tool for advertisements, sales presentations, and all types of videos.

Voice Over IVR

As the first thing customers hear during the call, IVR is the face of the company. A well-written script and a well-voiced telephony helps create the image of a reliable business while seizing the customer’s attention.

What’s more, an IP telephony allows you to distribute a high volume of calls between operators, quickly redirect each caller to the right person, and automate customer support. For achieving the best result, it is better to use a professional voice over for your phone system. Your IP telephony will become an effective communication tool and present your company in its best light.

Voice Over Commercials

A carefully selected voice actor is the key to an effective advertising campaign and leads to brand recognition and capturing the customer’s imagination. When selecting the best commercial voice over actors, Edge Studio strives to fully match the requirements set by the advertiser with a voice that perfectly matches the advertised product or service.

Voice Over Movie

One of the main factors behind the commercial success of a movie, documentary, or other film, is a voice over. The soundtrack should be clear, without any additional noises, and most importantly – it should make the audience feel a certain way. The best solution to achieve all the above is to order professional voiceovers by the best movie voice over artists.

Voice Over Video Games

Video game voice acting is one of the most important aspects of gameplay whether it’s narration, game instruction, or character dialogue.

Without a high-quality soundtrack, games lose their brilliance.