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Your creative project deserves the best in voice over services, sound design, and audio production technology.

Do you have an important project that needs voice over production services? At Edge Studio, you can hire top-of-industry voice over actors, translators, and audio professionals to bring high-quality and professional voice over services that elevate your work to the next level and beyond.

Whether in our top-level New York studios in Times Square, our Los Angeles satellite studios, or from any remote location around the globe, let our engineers work their magic and take your audio to new heights.

Or if it’s direct studio rental time you want, we’ve got studio space that’s got the best of everything. Mind-blowing acoustics, state-of-the-art audio equipment, and it’s all overseen by our team of audio engineering experts.

Premier Voice Over Talent

We source the best voice over acting talent from our rich pool of experienced professionals. In this business, our long-term relationships with talent and management agencies, plus our significant network of in-house talent, assure that we bring the best the industry has to offer.

If you have voice over talent selected, we are happy to work directly with you and your production team on sound design and post-production services that ensure a crisp, well-developed finished product.

Unequaled Studio and Production Services

Our full-service studios are equipped with top-tier audio production equipment operated by industry-best engineers and production specialists. Whether on-site or recording and monitoring remotely, you can be confident that Edge Studio’s professional engineers and sound specialists will get a perfect voice product.

Finding the Perfect Voice Over Actor

For over 30 years, we have been the gold standard in voice over talent and pre- and post-production engineering. Working with some of the biggest companies, studios, and game developers worldwide, Edge Studio has a long and successful history of cultivating the perfect voice for projects that are both cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Voice Over Production Services

Our post-production services really differentiate us from less comprehensive options or solutions. There are undeniable advantages to using highly experienced engineers and post-production specialists. From sound design, editing, and mixing to audio engineering and final processing, our post sound team ensures you receive a quality piece that’s broadcast-ready.

Renting Studio Space

If you’re near Times Square in NYC or plan to visit, our top-of-the-line studios are available to rent and include oversight by our experienced engineers. We can also hire the best talent in and around New York City for voice over production services.

Translation Services for Every Need

When looking for native speakers to perform at the highest level for voice over narration, Edge Studio works with an exclusive group of translation partners that can provide voice over actors with natural-sounding native language skills for the best voice over production services.

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