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The 6-Month Unlimited Program
Voice Workouts ● Classes ● Audition Rehearsals
Marketing Accountability Groups ● Studio & Career Guidance

An amazing curriculum of 80 live & interactive group VO sessions – that keep you motivated, on-path, & booking VO work.

Nothing is pre-recorded, nothing is generic. At Edge, you’re supported to success.

During your 6 months, you have full access to:

  • 12 Audition Drill & Rehearsal Sessions, with David Goldberg
  • 12 Career Guidance Q&A Sessions, with David Goldberg 
  • 12 Peer-led Voice Workouts, with Erica Brookhyser
  • 12 Instructor-led Voice Workouts, with Joshua Wise
  • 12 VO Marketing Accountability Team Sessions, with Brian Wiggins
  • 8 Foundational Classes with Q&A, including Home Studio, Audition, & Marketing!
  • Plus Occasional Special Webinars! June’s Specialty Class is How to Avoid Scams in the VO Business

Over 80 total sessions – all included via Zoom, for only $295
…come to as many as you want!  

CLICK HERE for 6 months of Unlimited Workouts & Guidance

Great News! If you’ve recorded a demo at Edge, we would like to offer this 6-month Program to you for $195. Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: “Please send me my $195 code”.

Schedule & Details

12 Audition Drill & Rehearsal Sessions, with David Goldberg

    • First Monday each month 1pm-1:45pm ET
    • Third Wednesday each month 9pm-9:45pm ET

Rehearse an upcoming audition, or run through a simulated one for the ultimate prep experience – while being live directed by David Goldberg.

Watching David breakdown and direct other voice actors is completely eye-opening; you’ll learn precisely what casting teams listen for, prompting your self-direction skills to vastly improve.

Want to volunteer to read? Be prepared with a script (real audition or sample script). If selected, you’ll paste the script into the Zoom chat and then you and David will work back-and-forth; his quick and detailed adjustments are very good for increasing your booked work.  David will get to around 8 volunteer readers.

Or just observe; Because hearing David analyze other performances preps your ears to better self-direct your own auditions. So you’ll learn more every session.

12 Career Guidance Q&A Sessions, with David Goldberg

    • First Monday each month 1:45pm-2:30pm ET
    • Third Wednesday each month 9:45pm-10:30pm ET

Marketing, home studio, successfully running your voice over business, consider these “open office hours” with David. You can ask about agents, invoicing & rate cards, online casting sites, marketing plans, client agreements, websites, demos, and more. And get David’s practical perspective. You’ll learn even more from topics other voice actors raise.

12 Peer-led Voice Workouts, with Erica Brookhyser 

    • First Friday each month, 1pm-2:30pmET / 10am-11:30amPT
    • Third Tuesday each month, 8pm-9:30pmET / 5pm-6:30pmPT

Facilitated and co-voice directed with narration & medical VO expert Erica Brookhyser, these sessions are the key to self-direction and booking work. Through them, you’ll learn how to hear and think like a casting team, allowing you to pinpoint and self-direct your auditions to what the client needs.

12 Instructor-led Voice Workouts, with Joshua Wise

    • Second Monday each month, 8pm-9:30pmET / 5pm-6:30pmPT
    • Last Sunday each month, 4pm-5:30pmET / 1pm-2:30pmPT

Led and voice-directed by commercial & narration expert and Edge alum Joshua Wise, these sessions help you gain repeat clients. These sessions ensure you stay on target by strengthening your vocal control and performance, so that clients love your work and hire you back!

12 VO Marketing Accountability Team Sessions, with Brian Wiggins

    • First Wednesday each month, 8pm-9:30pmET / 5pm-6:30pmPT
    • Third Sunday each month, 1pm-2:30pmET / 10am-11:30amPT

Don’t go it alone! Facilitated by Edge Coach & Marketing expert Brian Wiggins, this monthly session will guide you to level-up your marketing skills and map out your day-to-day tactics for how to best divvy up your time, source new clients, and use some off-the-beaten-path tricks and hacks to get your demo to the right people. Better, you can be teamed up with partners for an accountability group! You and your accountability partners will keep each other on-track, on-time, & on-target – to maintain your marketing momentum in between sessions!

8 Foundational Classes, with a variety of Edge Coaches (these 8 classes are not included in Edge Studio’s Intro Package)

    • Schedules vary; Once enrolled you will be given class times for each month

These classes offer a solid foundation for building a career in VO. Each class has Q&A time, and is taught by an instructor who works professionally in the industry and specializes in the class content. This helps you learn from their experience while launching your own voiceover career. Our 8 Foundational Classes are each taught once every two months on a varying schedule – and you will be able to attend any that you would like throughout the entirety of  your Program, or opt to receive a recording whenever you’d like instead of attending live.

These group classes include:

Free Audition Tips & Edge Updates!

Super helpful, and free!
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Please know: All sessions are subject to change based upon holidays or a change in an instructor’s schedule. In any such event, all participants will be notified. Participation of these classes must happen live. Recordings will not be available nor sent to participants. Programs sold in time-lengths (for example, 6-months of a program) are to be taken in contiguously. The program can not be put ‘on hold’.  If an instructor is unable to lead, we will do our best to find a comparable substitute. If one is not available, a makeup will be scheduled. These events are not transferable.