Edge Studio Voice Over Rate Card

Edge Studio put together the following voice over rate examples as pure suggestions for less experienced, non-union talent. Rates reflect average and realistic rates being fairly charged within the industry, and do NOT include editing. PLEASE USE THIS ONLY AS A GUIDE – rates vary from city to city, client to client, job to job, and voice talent to voice talent.

If you are looking for Union rates, there’s no better place to turn than the official SAG-AFTRA Production Center. Please visit that for more detailed information on Union rates.

Additional Dialogue Replacement (ADR) AKA Foley

Most Common Usages:

  • Adding dialogue
  • Re-recording faulty lines


Per Working Hour

Non-broadcast: $100-$250
Broadcast: $350-$1,000

Glossary of Terms

Dubbing: The act of replacing a voice in a recording.

Per Working Hour: A billing method in which voice actors charge a flat rate for each hour they work on a project regardless of what work they perform (recording, editing, file separation,...). This payment type is quite common when recording at a client’s commercial studio.

Foley: Recording additional sound effects to add into media such as films or videos in order to enhance the aural experience, i.e. footsteps, doors closing, lasers, etc.

Broadcast: Media that relies on a signal transmission, such as television or radio.

Non-Broadcast: Media that can be accessed at anytime that is not reliant on a signal transmission, such as Youtube or other web-based content.