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Home Studio Guidance
Demo & Website Reviews
Business & Marketing Consultations

What if you knew what we know...

Sometimes it helps to talk with someone who is highly experienced – and will share their knowledge.

At Edge Studio, we have a network of voice over experts, in virtually every nook of the voiceover industry, who are glad to share their experience, knowledge, suggestions, and advice with you, one-on-one.

Sessions are via Zoom.



Home Studio Consultations, with Art Bruder

Voice over studios are amazing! These days, they’re very inexpensive, and let you work from home!  So if you want help setting up your home studio, we’re glad to help!

  • Booth / closet / recording area set up
  • Microphone selection
  • Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Fidelity verification

Do you need to troubleshoot some technical problems? Do you need help picking the right mic for your voice? Which editing software should you use? All these questions – and more – can be answered in this one-on-one session with Edge’s Home Studio Expert.

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Demo & Website Reviews, with David Goldberg

First impression is key.  So David offers a straightforward check-in of voice over websites and demos; a quick assessment of your demo and website – everything your clients see up front.  You’ll learn a lot;  You’ll want to take notes, for sure.  And you’ll have a plan on what to do next.

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DAW Consultations, with Art Bruder

Want help getting going?  Want to record, edit, and produce your own voice over audio files? You’ll need to learn the basics of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). In this one-hour consultation, one of our audio engineering experts will answer any questions and provide insight about the DAW software.

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Business & Marketing Consultations, with Jennifer Sims

Voice over is a business. And you will market your demos. So talking with someone with loads of experience and who is glad to share advice and experiences is very helpful.

Business consultations cover–

  • Rates – selecting yours
  • Income strategy
  • Contacts
  • Invoicing, and more

Marketing consultations include–

  • Marketing plans
  • Agents
  • Direct client communication
  • Long-term clients, and more

Let us help when you have in-depth questions that need answers.

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Social Media & Branding Consultations, with Siobhan O'Loughlin

It’s the modern world, and in addition to having a website with demos, much of our personal marketing happens on social media. Are you lost in the labyrinth of LinkedIn, or do you open Instagram and promptly close it with thoughts of “I can’t even,” swirling in your head?

Our social media specialist Siobhán O’Loughlin is unafraid to go into the depths of the internet with you. Together, you’ll outline core goals for each platform that emphasize your unique voice and what you have to offer.

Authenticity is the name of the game, and we’re going to help you create an online presence that is authentically you.

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Super helpful, and free!
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