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There’s a new way to engage VO clients
Video Demos

For example, take Jennifer's narration demo...

Now check it out – with video added by Edge Studio...

Like you, casting teams will take in an entire Video Demo, rather than skimming an audio-only demo.

People are visual. And Video Demos engage and stimulate the brain more completely than audio alone can.

Jennifer had this to say about her Video Demo:
“Wow! …that is so cool! — very effective, and very inspiring (for me!).  Thanks so much for the opportunity!, Jennifer”


Here's why Video Demos can book more work

1. They’re a stronger first impression.
Video grabs casting teams’ attention 50% better than audio alone.

2. They leave a lasting impression.
Casting teams remember you, since they stick around for your entire video demo.

3. They get you the recording session.
Clients are more comfortable hiring you, since you take the guesswork out of the equation;
Video demos show how well your voice sits with video.


What about Joshua's commercial demo...

Now see the difference after Edge Studio added video...

It takes much of the effort out for casting teams.

Video Demos let casting teams take your voice for a test drive, and get a much clearer idea of what your voice will sound like when combined with visuals. Our demos are designed to emulate professional TV commercials and narrations, to make your submission stand out that much more.

Joshua’s feedback on his Video Demo:
“This looks SOOOOO so so much better!!! It really is impossible to deny how much of a difference having the video element makes. I feel like people won’t be able to help but listen to my entire demo now. Game changer! Thanks so much, guys. Joshua”

Which caught your attention more?

Video demos are simply better to market.

An overwhelming amount of voice over work is recorded to accompany some sort of visuals. Animation, film trailers, TV commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, corporate training, the list goes on.

However, when casting teams are considering who to hire as they listen to voice actors’ demos, they usually have only the audio to use for decision-making. That disconnect requires a lot of imagination and mental work.

This, together with other factors (a time crunch, LOTS of submissions, etc), leads to the hard truth that, many times, casting teams won’t even listen to an entire demo.

This is why voice actors are having us convert their audio-only demo to these Voice Over Video Demos.

If you’re looking to stand out among the crowd in this vast and vibrant industry, look no further than a Voice Over Video Demo.


Oh, and Chris' narration demo...

Now, watch and see how it sticks with video added by Edge Studio...

In addition, a video demo is more memorable.

The combination of your voice with the video will help your name stick in Agents’ heads. It’s been proven that memory is improved the more ways the information is provided and processed. And you deserve to be remembered.

Here’s what Chris thought of his Video Demo: 
“This looks awesome – it definitely brings the VO to life and feels more like a portfolio of paid work. For someone just starting out like me, I think this can help make me stand out. Thanks so much. Chris”

Want VO work that will be synced to Video?

In the business world, video media is enormous and in high-demand.  And Video Demos show clients that your voice will work well with their projects.

Then imagine…

…having casting directors ‘see’ that your voice fits with video.  Posting these on social media!  And sending them to existing clients – and new clients!  These can secure more work from your website.  And they give casting folks and agents ideas on hiring you.  They open new marketing doors.

$395 is the cost to convert your audio-only VO demo into a Video demo

Click here for your Video Demo – $395 per demo.
Even just one additional job should pay this off.


How's this work?

1- The process is super simple;  After signing up, we’ll let you know what we need. Essentially it’s just your demo and any info you want in your intro and outro. That’s about it.

2- Next thing you know, you’ll have a link to download your Video Demo!  Please give us a week, sometimes more. Sourcing the video content – and syncing it – needs to be done right to make it authentic.


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