Profession Voice Coaching & Recording Prep

Talk & record about what you know,
with a clear, natural sounding, engaging voice.

We regularly prep CEOs • Educators • Politicians, Athletes • Celebrities • Spokespeople • and Authors,

to increase engagement and inspire listeners,

through live and recorded speech.

  • Public speakers
  • Audiobook narrators
  • Trainers / Presenters
  • Sports booth announcers
  • Sports stadium announcers
  • Politicians
  • Teachers / Professors / E-Learning narrators
  • Mediators / Lawyers / Litigators
  • Podcaster s/ YouTubers
  • News anchors / Sports broadcasters
  • Award ceremonies presenters
  • Corporate narrators (training videos, compliance, sales,…)
  • Counselors / Therapists
  • Coaches / Motivational speakers
  • TV commercial spokespeople

Join over 1,000 Stadium Announcers • Politicians • Media Personalities • Spokespersons • Authors • Senior C-level Executives • Anchors • Broadcasters • and Educators; who trained at Edge Studio and NOW TALK & RECORD ABOUT WHAT THEY KNOW.

Prep for Public speaking, Recording voice, & Your microphone area.

Our team guides people who speak publicly – and/or record themselves.

Speaking publicly? Or recording your voice?  Your voice & the quality of your audio are key.  Usually a few straightforward changes turn a clunky voice and/or an echo-ey recording into one that resonates with listeners.

So to sound comfortable, to lessen an accent, to hide nerves, to inspire listeners, AND TO prep your microphone area so your audio-recordings are broadcast quality, we’re here. 🙂

We work online and in-person in NYC.
[email protected]
212.868.EDGE weekdays 9am-5pmET

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