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Chief Edge Officer, David Goldberg

Voice director & Voice coach

Hi, I’m David 🙂

I’m a Dad of 2 amazing boys (Harrison age 13 and Benjamin age 16), and 2 snorty English Bulldogs (Mabel age 3 and Spots age 5).

I’m a husband to Jessica, an amazing wife, mom, friend, math and science tutor, and baker!

I have the best job in the world because every day, I get to follow my passion of voice-directing people for speaking and recording applications.

And in my 35 years of owning Edge Studio, I’ve helped over 10,000 people sound better for live speeches, podcasts, interviews, self-narrated audiobooks, and media!

And my team has worked on over 13,000 voice over casting and recording projects!!!

Currently I oversee all areas of our business.

I interact with everyone in the office daily to ensure that every customer is receiving the best possible experience. I am directly involved with marketing, production, casting, sales, training, and internal operations. I am always available to customers and make certain that each is treated as though they are the most important one that Edge Studio has regardless of how much money they spend.


  • Started Edge Studio by myself and continue to grow the operation to a team of very impressive experts
  • Partnered with related businesses to further expand the suite of services offered to customers
  • Pride myself on only being an email or phone call away from any customer with any question or concern they have
  • Speak at numerous industry events and actively work within the business and our team
  • AM PROUD that Edge Studio maintains a level of recognition and professionalism currently achieved by very few companies

Feel welcome to get in touch by phone (212-868-EDGE) or email ([email protected]). We’re happy to talk!


Dane Reid and I got to talking. But was I really bored?

Ah, you’ve gotta watch this… because Dane flew from the Southern states all the way to New York City to talk with me!

He’s such a cool guy, a great interviewer, an outrageously tremendous voice actor (hear him here at, and all-around awesome guy.

Definitely a very fun video 🙂


Stacey and Chuck were curious what prevents new voice actors from success…

The amazing Stacey Aswad and Chuck Duran and I chatted for a long time about that. Plus about a ton of other cool voiceover stuff. This was on their infamous VOBuzzWeekly Interview Series. They own

Highlights include discussing what holds new voice actors back from success.

This was super fun, super cool, and super educational!

Voice Over Presenter

Presenting at voice over conferences.

This is one of my favorite parts of my career. I’ve spoken to live audiences over 100 times.  Largest live group was near 800 people, and largest Zoom call was to, I was told, an audience of over 41,000. Part nerves, part excitement keep me going!

I’ve presented and or panelist at: 

  • The Mid Atlantic Voiceover Event: 3 events
  • Voice Over Atlanta: 7 events
  • Voices Masterclass
  • The Future Of Voice Over – Live Videocast
  • WoVOCon: 3 events
  • Prodigy Talent Training, Atlanta
  • Faffcon: 7 events
  • The Voiceover Mastery Event
  • VOICE2014
  • Vegas Voice Overs
  • ActNow
  • Voice Over Virtual
  • The Actor’s Company
  • Voice World
  • Voice Conference


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Corporate Presenter

Presenting to Corporations, Government Agencies, and Non-profits.

Presenting, corporate training, and lots of consulting. These organizations have SO much voiceover work, they have their own voiceover production studios and narrators. And I regularly train them.

Some include:

  • St. Baldricks- Pediatric Cancer Research
  • US. Census Bureau
  • United Healthcare
  • International Monetary Fund
  • UConn
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • The Hartford
  • Pandora
  • ISO New England
  • The Hartford
  • McKinsey Consulting
  • Oracle
  • Second City
  • Crossfit
  • USA Network
  • Howard Hughes Medical
  • Mercedes Benz


Media and Podcast Interview

Sometimes I’m interviewed for audio-only programs.

Nice, I can wear pajamas and be interviewed. Just like so many voice actors do!

Some audio-only interviews include:

  • VoxTalk: 2 time
  • Clubhouse with Hy Bender – “Casting or Self-Recording Your Audiobook with David Goldberg
  • The Washington Post
  • Eric Hunley ‘Unstructured Interview Series’
  • Featured Podcast guest: A Journey Into Voice Acting
  • VO Body Shop Podcast
  • VO Buzz Weekly Podcast
  • Backstage Magazine


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