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Non-accented, neutral American English Voice Over Recording

We work with 20+ government agencies,
100+ producers,
and 1,000+ businesses

Sometime you need Professional Voice Actors who speak fluent, non-accented American English.

We’ve been doing this for 20+ years; recording voice over artists for applications that require standard neutral American English.

Of course sometimes informal, accented English is preferred.

However many times, voice over applications require clear, professional, non-accented language, for example, language learning programs, English as a second language (ESL), E-Learning, Education, International corporate training, museum exhibit self-guided tours. And lots more.

We regularly record in a variety of languages, with language monitors, voice directors, and professional voice actors who record in their native language. 

And we do it well because we care; We take time to ensure accents and pronunciation are neutral.  We have amazing accent specialists and language monitors on our team.  And we work – as a team – with you.

We’ve learned a thing or two…  from thousands of sessions, and with thousands of clients, from the Department of Defense, to Microsoft, to Volkswagen, to Disney, to Marvel.

Feel welcome to call or email us … we’ll be glad to share any thoughts we have on your project.  Our team is large and full of producers, voice-directors, language monitors, speech specialists, engineers, and editors. Plus a dynamite admin team:)

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Why we record neutral-accented English

We’ve recorded many English as a second language programs, including Rosetta Stone (leaning-language programs for adults and children) and (English and Spanish).

Then there’s Elearning, continuing education, virtual classrooms, standardized testing, explainer videos, and so on. We’ve recorded hundreds – quite possibly thousands of these.

We also record the voice over for museum self-guided tours, exhibit audio, and walking tours in neutral language.

International corporate work is often recorded this way, for training videos, corporate & sales presentations, tutorials, compliance videos, and more.

Voice over for social media, new media, and narrated apps. Our clients almost always request English voice over.

We record a LOT of audio for various government agencies. In fact, we’ve worked with over 20 departments.

Podcasts, film, documentaries, medical presentations,… we record most of these in American English.

Public service announcements, commercials, facebook ads, we also use professional voice actors who speak English without an accent for these applications.

GPS, telephony, IVR, menu-prompt, talking ATMs, and more are also usually produced using voice over artists who speak fluent language.

Then there’s cartoons, video games, talking toys, and other entertainment systems that rely on perfect English.

And there’s also live announce (live announcements), award shows,  commencement ceremony recordings, which are very often in fluent English.

And more.

To hire a professional voice over artist to record voice over

To record, you can join us

  • In-person – in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles
  • Online – via Zoom, Source Connect, ipDTL
  • Or leave it in our hands

Call 212-868-EDGE (3343) or email [email protected].

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