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Voice Over Training for Kids & Teens
Demo Recording Too!

The voice over industry’s need for teens and kids is growing almost as fast as kids do!

Super fun genres we prepare children to work in:

  • Cartoons, Anime, & Animated productions
  • Audiobooks & Story books
  • E-Learning
  • Commercials
  • Talking toys & Games
  • Video games & Apps

Private coaching, training, classes, & demo recording for kids!

Why? Because the number of animated features, commercials, cartoons, promos, audio books… are also expanding!

So it’s a field your child can grow with. With proper training and business guidance, they’ll learn the skills required to get work now. And as their voices change, kids will find new voice over genres open to them.

But Teen & Kids voice over is more than just training

The skills and habits we teach your child in voiceover will also be invaluable throughout life:

Voice over gives kids and teens the ability to explore their passion in this fun field, while learning one of the most essential personal abilities — how to communicate effectively in a variety of ways.

Children also learn:

  • How to overcome shyness or stage fright
  • How to read better (as they appreciate the value and meaning of words)
  • How to write better (as they learn to “break down” scripts to analyze them)
  • How to speak clearly and confidently in public
  • How to think “outside the box”
  • How a business works
  • How to be businesslike and responsible, yet still act (and act) like a kid
  • And much more

Casting & Voice Over Auditions for Kids

Our Casting & Recording Department casts kids & teens for:

  • ELearning programs
  • Cartoons
  • Video Games
  • Apps
  • Audiobooks
  • And more!

Some of our clients include: Nickelodeon, Rosetta Stone Language Learning, Jiminy Creative Solutions, & Amazon Kids!

Edge Studio is also one of the country’s premier voice production facilities. We record many kid voice over productions, and we hire our students!

Our Teens & Kids voice over program teaches parents, too

Parents probably have questions, such as:

  • Does your child have the potential?
  • Are your child’s special qualities marketable?
  • How does he or she get started?
  • How does a youngster gain the required experience?
  • If your child already has acting experience, what does he or she yet need to learn?

We’ll work with you, your schedule, and your resources to provide the most for your child.

You’ll learn that. And this:

  • How to set up a ‘bedroom studio’ for auditions and recording
  • Where to find work for your child (hint: agents are not the only way)
  • What demos sound like
  • How much to charge clients

We remain an on-going source of guidance.


…if your child is already an actor, VO provides a lot more work opportunities for them. In fact, there is significantly more voice acting work than there is stage and film work. And for you, it’s another way to supplement the college fund.

At Edge Kids, “play” is the thing. Success in VO requires aptitude, guidance and practice, but we’d hardly call it “work.” Our coaches are experienced at working with kids, and our program presents each challenge in a way that makes it all truly fun.

And with our community, acting schools for kids & teens, coaches for training in television, film and stage, guidance by top casting directors, practice in audition technique, private coaching, and more are available enhance learning, networking and a sense of purpose and community that your child will enjoy.

Want to get your child into voiceover?
Or want them to record a demo?

Get in touch, we’re glad to answer any questions you have!

[email protected]
212-868-EDGE weekdays 9am-5pmET



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