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Audiobook Recording & Editing

In New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

We produce amazing spoken-voice audiobooks!

(1) We hire professional voice actors and celebrities – in 50+ languages.  Then we prep, voice-direct, record, review, and master in our super fun and cool recording studios.

(2) We regularly prep and voice-direct CEOs, business folks, politicians, celebrities, and authors when they narrate their own audiobooks.

We offer fiction audiobook recording in these genres

Fiction audiobook genres:

  • Romance and erotica novels
  • Adventure
  • Thriller, horror, and suspense
  • Detective and mystery
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Young adult
  • Children’s fiction, fairy tales, story books, and picture books
  • Classics and best sellers
  • Contemporary classics
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...and non-fiction audiobook recording in these genres

Non-fiction audiobook genres:

  • Historical
  • Politics and social sciences
  • Sports
  • Crime stories and historical detectives
  • Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and monologues
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Travel guides and travelogues
  • Self help, instruction, personal development, academic texts, teaching aids, and educational literature
  • Business, economics, and entrepreneurial
  • Personal finance literature
  • Medical, technical, scientific publications
  • Philosophy and insight
  • Humor and entertainment
  • Meditation and inspiration
  • Health and wellness, exercise, diet, and cookbooks
  • Mental health and stress management
  • Journalism
  • Children’s nonfiction
  • Language books
  • How-to manuals, guides, and do-it-yourself (DIY)

....and we get pretty specific, in 50+ languages.

Our recording studios are experienced in working with both independent authors and international publishers such as Penguin Random House.

And we regularly translate, localize, and record in numerous languages – using native speakers and language monitors.

At Edge Studio we work with all classical and modern genres. We guarantee high-definition sound and excellent diction in any language. Even the toughest business audiobook will be as easy to listen to as a beloved children’s story.

We narrate audio books in numerous styles, genres, and languages, for various applications, media types, publications, and publishers.

What are the steps involved in audiobook production?

Professional voice over of audiobooks is a multi-stage and time-consuming process. This is a typical workflow for a project:

  • Preparation of text for the recording (reduction and adaptation of material for the voice over).
  • A selection of audiobook voice actors.
  • Test recording for the customer to evaluate the sound quality, presentation, and other criteria.
  • Full voice over of the material.
  • Editing (breakdown, ordering of the files).
  • Addition of musical selection and sound effects, if necessary.
  • Storing an audiobook on hard or cloud drive.

The stages of work can be changed and supplemented depending on the genre of literature, as well as the individual requirements and wishes of the customer.

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Professional design is a guarantee of high-quality results

Recording voice overs for audio books is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Having only one’s desire and a high-quality microphone will not be enough. The timbre of the voice, logical pauses, emotional accents, pronunciation and the speed of speech are just some of the criteria of audiobook voice actor selection. In addition to the voice over itself, there is complicated work on sound recording and editing.

Our goal is to focus on the quality of the audio recording and not to rush through the project. Edge Studio’s experts are highly qualified in voicing commercials, radio, films, educational materials, games, and other sourced works. At Edge Studio, we are experienced in working with professional audiobook voice actors and always can find the best narrator for your project. We also offer recording an audiobook in several voices at the same time to voice several characters.

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Benefits of working with us

Our studio creates only high-quality audiobooks with professional voice acting. Choosing us, you get:

  • the best sound equipment;
  • an experienced team of specialists;
  • audio booths with impeccable sound insulation;
  • the opportunity to voice over an audiobook of any scale and type of recording;
  • our compliance with the agreed deadlines;
  • competitive cost of the entire range of voice over services offered.

The cost of recording an audiobook in our studio may vary depending on some factors. For example, the volume of textual material, the genre and language of literature, the need for additional processing of the soundtrack, or the deadlines.

For additional questions and advice, please contact our customer support specialists on the website.

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Voice Over and Audio Production that Leads the Industry!

Voice Over Movie

One of the main factors behind the commercial success of a movie, documentary, or other film, is a voice over. The soundtrack should be clear, without any additional noises, and most importantly – it should make the audience feel a certain way. The best solution to achieve all the above is to order professional voiceovers by the best movie voice over artists.

Voice Over Video

A fitness video course, an animated series, a webinar, a product review on YouTube, a presentation, or a corporate training video – these are all examples of what can be voiced over in a professional recording studio. Sound is a key element for engaging your customer and delivering your message in the most effective way. A properly planned, recorded, and edited voice over for your video can become a powerful tool for advertisements, sales presentations, and all types of videos.

Voice Over Commercials

A carefully selected voice actor is the key to an effective advertising campaign and leads to brand recognition and capturing the customer’s imagination. When selecting the best commercial voice over actors, Edge Studio strives to fully match the requirements set by the advertiser with a voice that perfectly matches the advertised product or service.

We understand how important voice over is in conveying your advertising message and have access to a vast pool of voice over talent to find you the perfect solution.

Voice Over Podcasts

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity due to the interesting and diverse content, plus they are convenient for users to access.

Defined, a podcast is a recorded conversation or monologue that can be based on a variety of topics: current events, science, sports, films, politics, cars, relationships, books, and so on.

Voice Over Radio

Radio commercials are one of the most effective uses of voice over. In just 60 seconds, a carefully selected actor can fully capture the attention of the audience, bring up a specific problem, and immediately offer the perfect solution. Professional voice over for radio ensures the target audience receives the intended message in an informative and thoughtful way.

Voice Over Cartoons

Watching animation is an exciting experience for both children and adults. Through colorful visuals and the skill of perfectly selected voice over actors, each of us can get away from everyday life while watching a cartoon or an anime.

One of the most important components of any animated video is solid voice over performances.