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Why train & record voice over demos with Edge?

Top 3 reasons our students succeed!

1) Personalized training programs (nothing is generic)

We do not believe a cookie-cutter approach is helpful.

At Edge, you begin with an Education Advisor who pieces together an approach to match your voice, goals, interests, and vocal strengths. This leads to far greater opportunities in the voiceover industry.

2) One-to-one coaches (not pre-recorded videos)

We do not believe pre-recorded training is very helpful.

At Edge, you work with coaches, one-to-one, in real-time, with plenty of Q&A time.  So training focuses your strengths and weaknesses … not the average ones.

3) Sharing & experience from our large team (not just one person’s knowledge)

We do not believe that one person knows it all.

A Edge, you’ll work with an inspirational team of pro voice actors, engineers, voice-directors, marketing specialists, and advisors – people who’s names you want on your resume. Each teach you the ropes and share their experiences, so that collectively you have the guidance and knowledge of the entire team. This is the track to success.

Our Instructors

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Super helpful, and free!
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Beginner's Assessment & Direction Class

If you’re unsure where to start, this is it.  Edge Studio’s Group Evaluation Class is industry-recognized as a logical place to begin your voiceover path. In this group class, you’ll have the opportunity to take voiceover for a test-drive; you’ll read voiceover scripts, receive direction from a professional industry expert, and most importantly, afterward, our team will consult with you about which types of voiceover the instructor thinks you appear right for, and what steps are the most appropriate to take to move forward part-time or full-time.

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See these folks?

This is our admin team – we’re the people who totally take care of you and set you up for private training and demo recording sessions with our team of working professional voice actors, engineers, and voice-directors.

Edge Studio’s admin team and Education Advisors will be there for you every step of the way through your education.  Only a phone call or an email away, they will act as a guidance counselor to help match you with the right instructor, classes, and genres of voice over work that are best suited to you and to your schedule.  We can’t wait to start working with you!

Meet our team

3 Ways to Learn at Edge

3 Ways to Learn at Edge

At Edge, we’ve identified 3 major categories of learners that come through our doors – Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals.

Casual Learners are those students who are interested in voice over but don’t yet know how serious they want to get about it.  These students are allowed to take Private Coaching sessions and classes at Edge in order to get a flavor for the art of voice over.  When you are ready to get more serious, you would become…

Aspiring Professionals are those students who are ready to take on the time and monetary commitment to start a career in the Voice Over industry.  This category has access to the full Edge Studio Training Program, which will give you the training and tools necessary to build yourself a strong foundation in VO.

Working Professionals are those students who are already seasoned vets in the world of Voice Over.  If you’re looking to brush up on your training or take part in some advanced classes, or if you’re simply looking to get a new demo produced by the best demo production team in the business, then this category is the perfect one for you.