Workplace Voice Training & Recording Prep

Have your teams speak & record
with reduced accents & clunky speech.

We’re very experienced helping  Call Centers,  Corporate Teams,  &  Customer Service Reps  when they read scripts and/or record:

  • Pre-written responses
  • Podcasts
  • Internal training videos
  • Public facing videos
  • E-Learning
  • Conference & Sales floor pitches
  • Explainers
  • YouTube & Social media videos
  • Telephone recordings & Company announcements

We quickly help staff remove clunky speech, lessen accents, & sound natural when reading, so they:

  • Connect with customers when reading responses
  • Are successful when dialoging with customers
  • And engage customers who hear their recordings

Join companies including Oracle, Pandora, McKinsey Consulting, Mercedes-Benz, The U.S. Census Bureau, United Health, ISO New England, The Hartford, USA Network, Crossfit, St. Baldricks Pediatric Cancer Research, Howard Hughes Medical, The International Monetary Fund, and more, who have been helped by Edge Studio.

We are glad to travel to you. We also coach online.

If you want your team to sound clearer and more natural, when reading or recording, then call us.  We help companies big and small better communicate, retain their audience, and increase success with their listeners🙂

How does your team – and do they also record?
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