Home Studio Show & Tell

See inside voice actors' studios.
Then ask questions.
And share ideas.

Super idea inspiring.

An amazing – free – 1 hour live & interactive Zoom event!

2 voice actors give walk-throughs of their studio. Then everyone asks questions and shares ideas.

Free for the VO community.

First Tuesday each month, 9pmET/6pmPT.

→CLICK HERE←it’s free to join!

Sponsored by Edge Studio.
Hosted by Siobhan O’Loughlin, Edge Studio’s amazing host!


What people are saying about HSS&T:

-“This is so fantastic – thank you for putting this together and for everyone who shared their space. It’s great to see the range of what is working for people.”

-“Very informative on a number of levels. I’m not voice acting yet, but I like to be informed before I ad lib!!!” Will L.

-“It was great showing my fellow emerging voice artists what’s possible when you’re building your first DIY home studio.” Dale S.

Here’s how it goes…

This is not a home studio class.  Rather it’s a gathering of voice actors who want to learn from each other.  Some have home studios. Some are in the process of putting one together.

It’s simple-

  1. Click on this Zoom link the first Tuesday of each month at 9pmET/6pmPT.
  2. Two voice actors will give a quick, un-rehearsed tour of their studio.  They simply use whatever camera they’re using for Zoom (a phone, a laptop, a tablet,…)
  3. Then feel welcome to share ideas with each other, and offer tips and suggestions.  Or just observe.

It’s informal, easy, fun, and most importantly helpful.  Join us!


Want to give a tour of your studio?

Terrific! Please tell us:
[email protected]
212-868-EDGE weekdays 9am-5pmET