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Edge Studio believes in giving back to the community…

…and the best way that we can do that is by providing voice actors and audio professionals alike access to our world-famous FREE VO Resource Center.  Here you will find a multitude of tools to help with your basic voice over needs, from our invaluable Words-to-Time Calculator to our unmatched Script Library, our indispensable Rate Card and Community Forum to our ever-popular Monthly Script Recording Contest.  Click on the descriptions below to learn more about each tool!

Free Practice VO Script Library

Welcome to the world’s largest voice over script library – over 6,000 scripts, with more being contributed by the Edge Studio community every day!  Pick a script, try new genres, and work on your vocal development while waiting for that next audition or coaching session.  Hey, now you have no excuse for not practicing!

Our script library is meant for vocal development, rehearsal, and script analysis purposes only – we strongly advise against using these scripts to record any kind of demo.  To get started, click below.

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Here you’ll find practical articles written to help you skip the “trial and error” often associated with pursuing and building a career, and instead gain a candid look into the voice over industry, where the work is, why some people get it, why some don’t, and tips and techniques to help you reach your goals.

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Words to Time Calculator

How long will it take for a professional voice actor to read a script? Performances vary, but this handy converter will get you in the ballpark. You can even adjust it for reading speed, so stop guessing! Give accurate estimates and invoices to your customers every time!

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Rate Cards for Non-Union Voice Over Work

Stop Undercharging Yourself!  Edge Studio put together this rate card in order to give suggestions to less experienced, non-union talent. Rates reflect average and realistic rates being fairly charged within the industry, and do NOT include editing. PLEASE USE THIS ONLY AS A GUIDE – rates vary from city to city, client to client, job to job, and voice talent to voice talent.

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Free Voiceover Script Reading Contest!

Edge Studio hosts a free quarterly audition contest. The top three finalists each win a prize, and afterwards you’ll have an opportunity to read and hear why the winners won, learn why others didn’t, and get tips on how to improve your own reads.

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The Edge Studio Community Forum

Our Forum allows you to share thoughts with other people in the voice over community and bounce ideas back and forth.  Need advice on home studio equipment?  Wondering if a conference is worth your time and money?  This is the place to engage in friendly and positive conversation about all things voice over.

Visit our Feedback Forum section to develop your vocal capabilities and confidence as a voice actor, and stay sharp during your training.

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