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Voice Over Casting & Custom Auditions

Fabulous casting with professional voice actors!

  • Nonunion voice actors
  • SAG-AFTRA union voice actors
  • International voice talent in 50+ languages, with language monitors
  • Kids, adults, comics, sport broadcasters, narrators…
  • Celebrities

For broadcast, film, animation, audiobooks, media, video games,…

You want to tell an amazing story? You need an amazing voice! We specialize in human voice actors — real talented people verified by us.  You will get the perfect voice

It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product, producing an audiobook or eLearning program, or recording voice over for an animated movie, you want a voice that captures nuance, provides exceptional storytelling and leaves the audience wanting more. And you want it within your budget structure.

When you are casting your next project and want the best voice over talent in the industry, Edge Studio has a full complement of voice actors that are experienced and ready to bring your work to life. 

At Edge Studio, we understand the process that’s needed to search for, audition, select, and prepare the best voice talent in the industry and we have established relationships with some of the most dynamic casting agencies throughout New York City and Los Angeles. 

We approach each project by understanding your specific needs so that we can provide talent sourcing that best accommodates your budget and time schedule. Above all, our team wants to provide the voice that perfectly suits your message. 

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Customs auditions, too!

Today, there are many options to find people who do voice over work. The best way to avoid costly re-dos and expensive mistakes is to work with experienced and professional voice over talent that is trained and can step immediately into the job or project.

You may know of a person who has done some voice over work or actually used someone before — but don’t leave it to chance. Your best option to find top-tier talent is to work with voice over casting experts from Edge Studio. 

Our vast pool of in-house voice over talent and extensive talent agency relations allows us to fill your needs with people who have proven experience with a wide array of projects. We work with voice over talent that offers multiple languages, different age groups, genders, and tone. From voice specialists in character voicing to kids’ animation to commercial specialty, we help you find the voice actor that brings your project to life.

Work internationally. Or at our NYC and LA base.

We sit in New York City and Los Angeles. However we work throughout the world.

We help you make swift hiring decisions on voice over casting by providing you with fully vetted candidates ready to begin work on your specific project. You can sample recordings in our voice over library or we can send you a curated sampling or demo reel that you can listen to and evaluate from anywhere.

If we are casting through our vast array of in-house talent, we will reach out to our network of trusted voice actors to provide you with several style and voice options based on your needs and agreed-upon parameters.

If we are casting a union project or need to cast a wider net, we will reach out to our network of trusted agencies in and around the New York City and Los Angeles areas to help us find your perfect voice.

For more customized auditions, we can schedule on-site in-person auditions where you can meet and share your vision with our voice over talent fact-to-face. Whatever solution works best for you and your work style, we can make it happen!

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