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Chief Edge Officer, David Goldberg

Voice director & Voice coach

Hi, I’m David 🙂

I’m a Dad of 2 amazing boys (Harrison age 13 and Benjamin age 16), and 2 snorty English Bulldogs (Mabel age 3 and Spots age 5).

I’m a husband to Jessica, an amazing wife, mom, friend, math and science tutor, and baker!

I have the best job in the world because every day, I get to follow my passion of voice-directing people for speaking and recording applications.

And in my 35 years of owning Edge Studio, I’ve helped over 10,000 people sound better for live speeches, podcasts, interviews, self-narrated audiobooks, and media!

And my team has worked on over 13,000 voice over casting and recording projects!!!

Currently I oversee all areas of our business.

I interact with everyone in the office daily to ensure that every customer is receiving the best possible experience. I am directly involved with marketing, production, recording, casting, sales, training, and internal operations. I am always available to customers and make certain that each is treated as though they are the most important one that Edge Studio has regardless of how much money they spend.


  • Started Edge Studio by myself and continue to grow the operation to a team of very impressive experts
  • Partnered with related businesses to further expand the suite of services offered to customers
  • Pride myself on only being an email or phone call away from any customer with any question or concern they have
  • Speak at numerous industry events and actively work within the business and our team
  • AM PROUD that Edge Studio maintains a level of recognition and professionalism currently achieved by very few companies

Our Work

Edge Studio has been in the business of voice-direction and voice recording for over 35 years, and in that time we have produced projects for a wide array of clients, big and small, representing every facet of the Voice Over industry. Click below to view some of the many happy clients we have serviced over the years, and listen to some of those projects.

Edge Studio offers the highest-level professional Voice Over services for your projects. In need of a voice? We’ll find one for you. In need of some time in the studio? We’ll book it for you. Need a professional engineer to take your audio from drab to extraordinary? We’ve got you covered. Request a quote today!

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Feel welcome to get in touch by phone (212-868-EDGE) or email ([email protected]). We’re happy to talk!

Welcome to Edge.

Our Work

Our Team

Meet the team at Edge who will ensure that you get what you want, when you want it, so you walk away with incredible voice over. Sound good? Actually, your project will sound great.

Our Team

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Wonder what we’re working with? Interested in renting a studio? Click below to learn all about what we have to offer in our midtown Manhattan studios.

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Have a question about Edge Studio? It’s possible someone has already asked, and we’ve got the answer. Click below to read the list of answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions at Edge.