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Free Voice Over Script Reading Contest!

First, a word from our Judge–

Each quarter, Edge Studio hosts a free script reading contest for voice actors — giving students and pro voice actors an ongoing outlet to practice their skills and learn by observation.

→Win Amazing Prizes!

→Even better, read our Breakdown Articles ‘Why the Winners Won … and Why Others Didn’t’

→And best, watch our ‘Winner Selection Review Videos with David Goldberg’ David said, “These videos put you in the casting seat! They truly prep you for auditions! You learn what casting teams go through. And then you can better identify common qualities that elevated some voice actors and held others back – and is invaluable feedback for your own voiceover auditions!”

Anyone can participate in the contest for free – even if you have never trained at Edge Studio.  And anyone can read the professional analysis – even if you didn’t enter the contest.

“This free voiceover script reading contest gives new and pro talent an incentive to practice and improve.”

The entry process is fast and easy—and voice over talent are encouraged to enter every contest. The more frequently you enter, the more you gain—in practice, feedback, and prizes.

Win Prizes!

1st place: $200 credit toward training or demo production with David Goldberg

2nd place: $100 credit toward training or demo production with any of our fabulous coaches

3rd place: $50 credit toward training or demo production with any of our fabulous coaches

Find out 'Why the winners win ... and why others don't!

Read our free analysis: Why the Winners Won … and Why Others Didn’t.  And watch the: Contest Selection Video.

After each contest ends, you’ll have the opportunity to learn why casting teams cast a particular voice actor, and why they delete some auditions so quickly.

About a week after the contest ends:

  1. Hear the winners’ recordings.
  2. Listen to all entries and compare yours against your peers.
  3. Read our Casting Team’s detailed analysis pinpointing Why the Winners Won … and Why Others Didn’t.
  4. Participate in our live-via-Zoom Contest Selection Video, led by David Goldberg.

Enter the Current Contest

Contest Title: The Nature Conservancy

Entries accepted: July 1, 2024 through September 30, 2024 at 11:59pm ET

Record this script:

When you make a tax-deductible gift to The Nature Conservancy, you’re supporting conservation in 70 countries around the world. That’s why your contribution is so much more than charity; it’s an investment in the future of our planet. Donate Now to Make an Impact.

Follow this voice direction:

This simulated audition is to cast a voice actor for a series of 12 campaign fundraising TV spots, each :15.  The voice should be welcoming, trusting, friendly, and inspiring.

Tell us who you are, so we can reach you if you win:

  • If you want to remain anonymous, use a username here, and for your slate (if you record one).
  • Accepted file types: mp3, Max. file size: 120 MB.


After the Contest Ends

One week after a contest ends, go HERE !

  • Winners are posted.
  • All entries are posted – so you can judge yours against your peers.
  • Our casting team’s free Analysis: Why the Winners Won … and Why Others Didn’t is  posted.
  • Our Contest Selection Video is recorded …. and posted soon after.
  • And a new contest begins!

Please note:

If you have won in the past six months, you are not eligible to win. Why? To reward other entrants who have improved in that time. However we still encourage you to enter nevertheless, for practice and to demonstrate your capability.

No prize may be combined with another prize and/or coupon, nor applied to services already purchased, nor to any service in which the winner is already enrolled. Prize is to be used by the winner only, and is not transferable.