The Edge Studio Training Program

Are you interested in joining the Edge Studio Training Program Community? This page should answer most of your questions about what makes up the program and what elements are available to accentuate your training.

Choose the Right Program for You


Classes are the first building block of your training at Edge Studio.  The classes that are included with the program are Technique 101, which will help you establish the fundamentals of voice over before moving on into your private coaching, and What Now? which is a class that helps you plan next steps upon the completion of your demo.  We offer a wide array of additional classes, however, and throughout your training, you will work closely with your coach and your assigned Education Advisor to find the right classes for you to augment your education.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is the second building block of your education at Edge.  This is the meat of the program: one-on-one coaching sessions with one of Edge Studio’s many first-rate coaches in the area of voice over that you and your Education Advisor have determined is right for you.  We always require a minimum of 5 coaching sessions per demo that you will be working on, but we will also work closely with you and your coach to determine whether you will need additional training at the end of those 5 sessions.  We want to make sure that you are ready to record and that you put your best foot forward when it comes time to create your demo.


The creation of your demo (or demos) is not only the final building block of your training at Edge Studio, but also the first  step in your overall voice over journey. Once you and your coach have determined that you will be able to record a professional-quality demo, we will schedule a demo prep session to review and to practice the scripts that you have gathered for your demo, and then we will schedule a demo record session to memorialize your wonderful voice.  After this, our team of world-class engineers and even David Goldberg himself will work on your demo behind the scenes, mixing and editing in order to deliver to you a demo that will book you work in the voice over industry.

Continuing Education

As was stated in the previous section, the creation of the demo is only the beginning of your voice over journey.  Edge Studio offers a plethora of options for those who are looking to continue their training, receive additional coaching, attend classes and workshops to further their knowledge, or work on new demos to broaden their marketability.

Education Roadmap

Technique and Performance

Step 1

Investigate Voice Over

This is your orientation to our program where you instructor will work with you to create a blueprint for your training

Step 2

Technique 101

This live and interactive webinar will focus on the essential building blocks of voice over

Step 3

Private Coaching

We will pair you with one of our expert coaches to develop your personal sound and vocal technique

Portfolio Development

Step 4

Demo Production

Create a professional voice over demo with your coach and our expert engineering team

Step 5

What Now!?

Learn how to utilize all the tools from your Edge Studio training program to start your voice over career

Step 6


A rotating selection of live, advanced level classes, designed to build on your foundation studies

Continuing Education

Additional Private Coaching
Even the pros know voice over is a lifelong journey. Refine your skills with help from our experts
Continuing Education Workshops
Special guest instructors lead you on a deep dive in these intensive workshops
Additional Demo Production
Expand your portfolio and become a more competitive voice talent with additional demos
Special Event Classes and Webinars
Free in-studio and online events available to support the voice over community