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The Edge Studio Community Forum

Welcome to the best voice over community forum in the world!

Our community forum allows you to share thoughts with other people in the VO community and bounce ideas back and forth.

Visit the Feedback Forum section to develop your vocal capabilities and confidence as a voice actor, and stay sharp during your training. It’s a terrific (and free!) opportunity to:

  • Get feedback on your recordings from peers and professional coaches!
  • Give feedback to your peers by dropping your 2-cents!
  • Interact and build a reputation in your community!
  • Explore new styles
  • Benchmark how you compare to others
  • Get over fear and nervousness
  • Train yourself to self-direct and self-record
  • Improve upon the styles that you’re already comfortable with

Remember that this is a community forum meant to stay positive and encourage each other for educational purposes.  In order to maintain a constructive learning environment, Edge Studio will be heavily moderating these forums for content.  Please show good judgement in what you say and avoid posting anything meant to antagonize, inflame, or otherwise agitate users of the forum.  Those comments will not be posted and you run the risk of being banned from further commenting.  Please also refrain from discussions involving direct competitors to Edge Studio in the Educational voice over space.  Thanks very much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Community – News, Topics, & The Feedback Forum!
      Welcome to the Edge Studio Community – News, Topics, & the <b>Feedback Forum</b>!  In this section you can find Edge Studio's famous Feedback Forum as well as topics for discussion about Edge and VO Industry News, VO Conferences around the world, and a place for you all to share your VO Accomplishments with one another.  Come on in!
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    • Home Studio Discussions
      Welcome to the Edge Studio home studio discussion forums.  Here you can find topics on hardware & software recommendations, home studio troubleshooting, working remotely, and there's even a topic where we encourage you to show off your own home studio.  Talk among yourselves and put your heads together to find solutions to all your home studio issues right here.
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      Brian Lakes

    • Voice Over Genre Discussions
      Welcome to the Edge Studio VO genre forums.  Here you can find more detailed and pointed discussion on pretty much any individual voice over genre, from Animation and Apps to Tours and Video Games.  If you have a question about working in that genre, post it here!  If you've worked in a particular genre and have advice or knowledge to share, post that here too!  We welcome the conversation, and remember - stay positive and reinforce each other!  We're all in this together!
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