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Voice Over & Audio Post Production

Mixing • Editing • Audio Branding • Sound Design

Once we have a wrap on pre-production and audio recording, it’s time to head to post-production where the craft of sound design, editing, mixing, and mastering your project takes it from a rough cut to a pristine audio file with crisp clarity and dynamic sound.

At Edge Studio, our professional post-production team is made up of the most qualified and experienced audio people in the business. And, depending on your needs, our sound experts are committed to producing top-tier audio in post-production by using the latest technology and industry best practices.

No matter the complexity, Edge Studio can assemble the right team to make your project a huge success!

Creative Sound Design

You want a sound designer with a dynamic and creative vision plus the technical skill to make it happen! A sound designer is often the person that conceives what artistic components work within a project and goes about cohesively bringing those components together into a working whole.

At Edge Studio, we offer sound design services that set the tone of a project with a well-crafted concept translating into your project’s end result. Working simultaneously with mixing and editing, our sound design pros capture the essentials, polish them to a gleam, and bring it all together in a final package.

From determining ambiance to choreographing audio effects to tying in voice over, our sound design professionals are key to producing award-worthy audio recordings

Editing Services


Edge Studio’s editing services can take your raw audio and turn it into something spectacular!  It’s one thing to record someone reading your script.  It is another entirely to edit that raw recording into something that is easy to manage and clean as a whistle.

Need smoother transitions, less background noise, want to adjust or tweak a few imperfections? Our sound editors are expert at collecting all the sound and recorded tracks and then manipulating them into a professional full-range audio file. Our sound editing team will catch those little inconsistencies and big glaring problems so they can deliver audio that meets your specific needs.

If you want your project to carry the emotional weight that makes it memorable, trust our editing team with their years of listening experience to bring together a well-tuned and cohesive package ready for sound mixing and final mastering.


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Mixing & Mastering

Edge Studio also offers a full suite of mixing and mastering services, for those whose projects need the extra polish that broadcast, commercial, and gaming require. Our experienced engineers will make sure your recordings come out sounding crisp, clean, clear, and professional — we want your first listening experience to take your breath away.  


To make that happen, we first enlist our professional audio and sound engineers to mix, or layer, disparate tracks into a cohesive whole. You want your audio voice over project to blend together harmoniously and flow from beginning to end. Our mixing pros work with effects like compression, equalization, saturation, dynamic expansion, and delay to ensure your project has an optimally enhanced sound.


Next, our mastering engineers complete the post-production work to ensure a project that is final, professional-grade, and ready for distribution. Skilled and refined, our mastering professionals polish the final mix by enhancing sound, fixing balancing problems, setting the master volume, and trimming the cut.

Once post-production is complete and mastered, we ensure delivery of your final project. 


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