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A bit about voice over coaching...

The core of anyone’s voice over training is the one-on-one coaching that you receive from a professional. It is the only way for your to truly develop your skills as a voice artist. Whether you are a novice looking to get started or a working professional needing to hone your skills, Edge Studio has an array of coaches who can help you meet your voice over goals.

Private Voice Over Coaching Sessions

Out private coaching sessions come in packs! Get more out of your experience with multiple sessions:

1 Session
3 Sessions
5 Sessions
10 Sessions

Accent/Dialect Reduction or Acquisition

Were you born in Brooklyn? Or the Deep South? Or perhaps even Mexico or Germany? If you have an obvious accent or American regionalism it may be holding you back from booking some of the jobs you would like. Most casting professionals want to ensure that their audience will connect and identify with the voice talent they are hearing, and prefer someone who might sound just like your neighbor, regardless of where the spot will air. A Boston accent might be just fine for a local Massachusetts piece but inappropriate for a high paying national gig. Our resident accent specialist Pen-Pen Chen is here to help you deliver in the coveted Standard American, neutral accent.

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