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Voice Overs for IVR

As the first thing customers hear during the call, IVR is the face of the company. A well-written script and a well-voiced telephony helps create the image of a reliable business while seizing the customer’s attention.

What’s more, an IP telephony allows you to distribute a high volume of calls between operators, quickly redirect each caller to the right person, and automate customer support. For achieving the best result, it is better to use a professional voice over for your phone system. Your IP telephony will become an effective communication tool and present your company in its best light.

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Benefits of getting an IP (VoIP) phone system for businesses:

Interactive IVR is an effective manager that works for your business 24/7. It helps:

  • to create an image. A good IVR immediately wins over the client, as it immediately informs a customer about the key features: the name of the company, its advantages, and options for further interaction. The wait becomes less tiresome.
  • to keep the client. At any time, there might be a situation when all operators are busy, or a call comes in after working hours. In this case, the prerecorded voice over for the IP telephony service will provide the client with up-to-date information.
  • to distribute calls between department operators. A well-designed on-hold message will help you to improve the efficiency of your help desk and reduce the number of lost customers due to long wait times.
  • automatic client informing. You can schedule a recording session for IP telephony to inform customers about current promotions, innovations, changes in work and other information important for business.
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Steps for creating a voice over for telephony with Edge Studio

Step 1. Preparation
Leave your request for telephone, voicemail, caller-on-hold or information-on-hold recordings. Please, share with us your wishes about the voice characteristics of the announcer, “the tone of voice” of your brand, and the script.

Step 2. Casting
You select experienced voice actors for your IVR from among the best candidates.

Step 3. Recording
Recording for your IP telephony system takes place in our studios using professional equipment. No background noise – just a pleasant voice over.

Step 4. Post-production
If desired, we create several tracks with background music overlaid. We convert the finished IVR recording into the format you need for your telephony.

Speed of recording is an important factor for business. Therefore, we can complete all these steps quickly.

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Types of telephony produced at Edge Studio

You can request the following IVR recordings from us:

  • phone greetings;
  • welcome messages;
  • on-hold messages;
  • voicemail directories;
  • menu prompts;
  • phone tree systems;
  • after hours announcements;
  • call in-queue messages;
  • marketing messages.


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Why is it worth contacting us?

Edge Studio provides professional voice overs for both large organizations and small businesses.

Choosing us, you get:

  • An experienced team of professionals who regularly work with various recording methods and types of phone systems, including IVR voice prompts, messages on hold, voicemail directories, menu/telephone tree prompts, and so on.
  • The best voice actors, who are selected considering the expressiveness of diction, the pace of speech, language skills, the presence of the necessary accent or its absence.
  • High-quality voice greeting recording for IP-telephony. Our goal is to make our customers happier and their business more successful. Therefore, it is important for us to produce a flawless voiceover for you.
  • Recording in multiple languages. If your business is aimed at a target audience from different countries, we will prepare a high-quality translation for your IP telephony service.
  • Getting IVR files as quickly as possible. Having our own recording studio allows us to execute any order on the highest level just in time.

If you would like to record a voice over internet telephony for your business, you need a team of experts in this field. With Edge Studio voice over, your on-hold messages will make your clients happy and put smiles on their faces.

Any more questions? Let us know by email or phone. Our team will consult with you on IVR voice over service and help you in every way.

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Voice Over and Audio Production that Leads the Industry!

Voice Over Video

A fitness video course, an animated series, a webinar, a product review on YouTube, a presentation, or a corporate training video – these are all examples of what can be voiced over in a professional recording studio. Sound is a key element for engaging your customer and delivering your message in the most effective way. A properly planned, recorded, and edited voice over for your video can become a powerful tool for advertisements, sales presentations, and all types of videos.

Voice Over Commercials

A carefully selected voice actor is the key to an effective advertising campaign and leads to brand recognition and capturing the customer’s imagination. When selecting the best commercial voice over actors, Edge Studio strives to fully match the requirements set by the advertiser with a voice that perfectly matches the advertised product or service.

We understand how important voice over is in conveying your advertising message and have access to a vast pool of voice over talent to find you the perfect solution.

Voice Over Audiobooks

Recording and narrating audiobooks is one of the popular services at Edge Studio. Our team consists of experienced narrators, engineers, directors, editors, and reviewers. With the help of professional sound production equipment, we create high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles in a creative working environment.

Audiobook narration here also comes with confidence; you’ll be assured of getting a sound that is engaging and pleasant to the ear. And more importantly, will immediately capture the attention of the audiobook reader!

Voice Over Movie

One of the main factors behind the commercial success of a movie, documentary, or other film, is a voice over. The soundtrack should be clear, without any additional noises, and most importantly – it should make the audience feel a certain way. The best solution to achieve all the above is to order professional voiceovers by the best movie voice over artists.

Voice Over Video Games

Video game voice acting is one of the most important aspects of gameplay whether it’s narration, game instruction, or character dialogue.

Without a high-quality soundtrack, games lose their brilliance.

Voice Over Movie Trailers

Producing a movie trailer voice over can be critical to the success of your film project. Why? Because a high-quality trailer determines the first impression moviegoers will have about your movie.

It also requires advanced security and specialized precautions to ensure the secrecy necessary in today’s film industry.