Audition Prep Program

Fast track to winning more voiceover auditions.

Some people want to get right to it, starting to record and submit voiceover auditions as soon as possible...

…even as they continue to develop their voice acting talent through formal training.

If you’re one of these people, our Audition Preparation Program is the track for you.

This program will help you submit better auditions, stand out from the crowd, and above all, help you win more voiceover auditions, and get more voice acting jobs.

First you get two private sessions, with a voiceover audition coach.

Both private sessions are one-hour long, and take place on separate days, via Zoom.

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Private session 1 – Technique drill

You and your coach will quickly identify which voiceover genres are most relevant for you to audition in (e.g.: commercial, audiobook, animation, documentary, corporate, eLearning). This is always important – matching your pursuits to your interests and capabilities and to the VO marketplace is a key part of the Edge Studio coaching curriculum.

  • Find out what it is that you need to know.
  • Learn to determine which posted voice acting auditions will be most relevant to you.
  • Know which genres might have less competition.
  • Identify voiceover auditions where it might be easier to stand out from the crowd.

Then, using actual audition scripts, your coach will drill you on groundwork techniques.

  • You’ll get straightforward feedback
  • Audition script break-down and analysis
  • And you’ll get direction to help you submit more marketable auditions

Let’s repeat that – It is SO important to have this insight before you begin auditioning. The industry is full of talent who don’t know what they don’t know … but think they do. As a result, they make performing and technical mistakes that instantly brand them as less than fully professional.

Even if you have experience in a related field (say theater acting, corporate presentation, singing, disc jockeying, comedy, improv, reciting poetry, even the debate club), it can cause you to overestimate what you think you know. This session will fill in your knowledge gaps, in areas that can make or break your audition. Without this knowledge, you might fail every audition you enter. With this insight, winning your first job or two should pay for this course, as you go on to greater auditioning success.

Private session 2 – Audition drill

This is critical. Your coach will focus on “best practices” audition techniques specific to your most marketable genres. You will learn how to provide clean, clear, useful audition recordings. You’ll also come to understand why this is so important in attracting the attention of voiceover agents, voiceover casting pros, and clients at online pay-to-play casting sites. You need to pay close attention to this if you want them to pay attention to you!And surprise! In addition to providing simulated client-direction, your coach will also work with you on SELF-direction. Because that’s how virtually every audition works. When recording your voice in your home studio, nobody is there to guide you. This is one of the most valuable takeaways from this program.The Edge Studio teaching process and learning techniques ensure you’ll know how to:

  • Select the auditions you have the best chance of booking
  • Incorporate “best practices” when auditioning
  • Follow the audition instructions fully and correctly while adding your personal interpretation
  • See what opportunities for ingenuity exist in the script
  • Self-direct, and “hear” your own performance objectively
  • Submit auditions at online pay-to-play casting sites for the best chance of getting heard
  • All that, and more

And then you get three group classes, with voiceover niche experts.

All three group classes INCLUDE Q&A TIME, and take place on separate days, via Zoom.

As with Edge Studio’s core VO training, group classes can be equally instructive as VO education. You’ll benefit from seeing how other students respond to direction, what choices they make, and what questions they think to ask. Some choices will be typical ones – possibly the audition choices to avoid – others are often idea-inspiring, that you hadn’t thought of.

These group classes cover all three essential auditioning considerations:
• Fundamental voiceover techniques
• Audition training, and understanding how to match casting teams’ requirements
• Creating a home studio on a small budget

This program can pay for itself with your first successful audition!

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Group Class 1 – Technique 101

In order to audition in more genres and expand your audition reach, it’s necessary to review industry-wide techniques. These are core principle techniques that apply to nearly every voice acting audition and recording job.

Learning these generally applicable techniques helps voice actors supplement their voice acting income by working in numerous genres. It will also help you record in more styles for clients in your core genre(s).

Many of these techniques are common to most or even all voiceover applications (as opposed to techniques and practices that are specific to auditioning). Even veteran voice actors benefit from reviewing these fundamentals. (We know – a lot of working VO pros come to Edge Studio for refresher lessons to spot and fix bad habits, and to expand their capabilities.)

And some techniques are especially important in certain genres. For example, the audience’s mindset for a commercial is different than with a training video. Your mindset needs to take that into account. This session covers the full gamut of such VO techniques.

Group Class 2 – Audition 101

What do active, successful pros know about auditioning that you don’t … yet? Quite a lot, actually. There are a lot of standard practices that are not mentioned in audition instructions. And a lot to be read between the lines.

In this session, you’ll learn to interpret typical client audition expectations so you’re on par with long-time pros. Learn how to break down client directions into functional bits, to figure out what the client expects to hear. Learn script analysis and how to know the copywriter’s intent. Learn what technical audio editing is expected (in fact, essential to winning most auditions) and how to do it. For example, breath removal – when should you remove breaths, and when not? Learn two proof-listening techniques (the audio equivalent of proofreading) that catch a surprising number of errors. Learn about audio file formatting, to ensure your audition is accepted. And learn a whole bunch of “been there, done that” tips.

By incorporating these practices and avoiding classic audition errors, you’ll skip the trial-and-error phase of self-education. It’s critical that you and your recording sound fully professional, and avoid marking yourself as an amateur.

Group Class 3 – Home Studio 101

If you do a great read, but the quality of your recording is technically insufficient, it will likely cost you the job. Even if the actual job will be recorded at the client’s studio, your audition should sound technically good enough to be considered professional.

The good news is that you can easily create a broadcast-quality home studio – for under $250. This class will explain how to outfit a nook in your home, converting it into a high-level, broadcast-quality home studio space. You’ll also learn how to use it for auditioning and recording paid jobs.





  • Two private coaching sessions, with a voiceover audition coach
      • Private session 1 = Technique Drill
      • Private session 2 = Audition Drill
  • Three group classes, with voiceover niche experts
      • Group class 1 = Technique 101
      • Group class 2 = Home Studio 101
      • Group class 3 = Audition 101

This is more than a bunch of voiceover audition tips. This is a personalized program, geared to identifying your strengths, developing your ability to present them, and demonstrating to audition screeners that you are a voiceover professional. Even more than that – prove you are the right voiceover professional for them.

After you signup, we’ll get in touch to discuss your preferred schedule.


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  • The entire Audition Preparation Program (described above)
  • Plus a 5-step Voiceover Demo, customized to your voice, vocal strengths, and interests
      • Step 1 = Private Script Preparation Session
      • Step 2 = Private Demo Recording Session
      • Step 3 = Demo Mix
      • Step 4 = Demo Mix Revisions
      • Step 5 = Demo Mastering

After you signup, we’ll get in touch to discuss your preferred schedule.


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Is the Audition Prep Program enough? Or should you opt for the 'Plus Demo' Program?

While professional training is important to success in starting voice acting careers, another important step in booking voiceover work is having a demo.

The ‘Plus Demo” Program includes everything in the ‘Audition Prep’ Program, plus a demo!

Clients expect professional voice actors to have at least one demo. Even if they listen only to your audition, and don’t listen to your demo, it raises eyebrows if you don’t have one. So, when you’re ready to record a high-quality demo, this comprehensive demo program is the right way to do it.

Edge Studio demo coaches, directors, and sound-design mixers are specifically expert in demo production. They are working VO professionals, experienced in direction, sound design, music bed selection, mixing, mastering, and – very important – knowledgeable in current demo practices and standards (including up-to-date choices of music). Demos produced at Edge Studio are known throughout the VO industry for their technical quality, performance honesty, and personal representation.  So, as the first step in this professional voiceover demo program, we work to make this demo uniquely yours.

Here are the 5-steps taken to create your demo-

Step 1 – Private Script Preparation Session

Exploring one-to-one with you, you and your coach will develop and edit demo scripts specific to your voice, marketable genres, and personal interests. The scripts on your demo will be unique to you.

Step 2 – Private Demo Recording Session

A private recording session with your coach. You can record at your home studio, our NYC studio, or a studio of your choice. If at our VO studio in New York City, the studio charge is included (not extra). If not at our studio, we’ll first need to review and approve the sound quality.

Step 4 – Demo Mix Revisions

We incorporate your input and preferences, too. So we’re glad to make any reasonable revisions. After all, your demo is a representation of you. You must feel terrific about the results, to be comfortable with your demo and market it successfully.

Step 3 – Demo Mix

We mix every segment on your demo so that it sounds like a snippet from a paid job. Your demo should sound like it has been assembled of recordings from different studios, recorded on different days, and mixed by different engineers. As a result, voiceover casting teams will find your demo more realistic and interesting to listen to. You (and a prospective voiceover agent) will find it way more marketable.
Even more important, our results are respected throughout the VO industry. Professional-quality demos from Edge Studio are known for their success rates – a demo produced by Edge Studio is inclined to get the voice actor more work, more easily.

Step 5 – Demo Mastering

This is the final step that many amateurs forget. Final audio processing ensures your demo is industry-standard and grabs casting teams’ attention!

Doing a great job and demonstrating your professional smarts is always more fun!

The Audition Prep Program, Plus Demo is a natural match for beginning your career, being prepared to audition, and producing a professional demo. With this program, you’ll have a professional-grade job and significant savings.

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Education Roadmap

You get two private sessions, with a voiceover audition coach.

Step 1

Private session 1 – Technique drill

Step 2

Private session 2 – Audition drill

And you get three group classes, with voiceover experts.

Step 3

Group class 1  Technique 101

Step 4

Group class 2 Audition 101

Step 5

Group class 3  Home Studio 101

And you get a voiceover demo with the 'Plus Demo' version.

1. Private Demo Script Prep Session
2. Private Demo Recording Session
3. Demo Mix
4. Demo Revisions
5. Demo Mastering