The Sun

The Sun is the superpower of our Solar System – a thermonuclear blast furnace, erupting with massive explosions.
At 93 million miles away it would seem that we are safe from the Sun’s wrath.
But, are we?
It matters, especially in modern times, what the Sun is doing.
There are billions of stars in the Universe but one alone dominates our cosmic neighborhood: the Sun.
It’s an infernal sphere, of mostly hydrogen and helium, super-heated into a plasma, that burns at millions of degrees.
Its surface rages with violent explosions, as it spews out storms of deadly radiation, millions of miles into space.
Our Sun is a type of star known as a yellow dwarf.
Yellow because of the color of its surface, and dwarf because it’s small for a star.
But – small is relative.
Within its boundaries, you could fit one million earths.
At a million miles across, it’s a massive celestial blockbuster.
The Sun is really pretty huge.
It dominates our Solar System.
Not only is it the bigger star of the Solar system – it’s the only star in the Solar System.
It’s surrounded by a bunch a smaller stuff, that we call – planets, and comets, and moons.
But the Sun is our star.
Our star is an enormous source of heat and energy.
It has a surface temperature of 10,000° Fahrenheit.
And generates 380 billion billion megawatts of power.
This dwarfs anything on the human scale.
Hoover Dam in Nevada only generates 280 megawatts.
In one second the Sun churns out more energy than has been used in all of human civilization.
All that power in the blink of an eye.
Incredibly, it’s been burning this way for billions of years.