UBS Credit Line

May 17, 2010

Smart. I got the call on Monday. Signed a contract on Friday. That’s why I was glad I already had put a UBS Credit Line in place. So I can move fast when opportunity knocks, pay interest only on what I borrow. And best of all, I can keep my investment strategy on track rather than liquidating assets. A UBS Credit Line. Assets and liabilities work harder when they work together. A timely review of both sides of your potential balance sheet can uncover ways to help grow your business, make an important purchase, plan for the future and live life the way you want. Smart and simple. You already have your UBS Credit Line in place. A conversation with your Financial Advisor may help put it to work for you today. Simple. A brief chat with my Financial Advisor set things in motion. The application process was quick. There were no maintenance fees or closing costs. I had the line of credit I needed within a few days.

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