Podium 60s

At Podium, we work with over fifty-five thousand local businesses. And while they range from tire shops to jewelry stores and medical practices, every Podium customer has one thing in common: they solve problems.
These new challenges are no exception. They’ve used Podium’s suite of messaging tools to continue to do everything they do great. They’ve stayed in touch through text, connected remotely with website visitors through text, collected contactless payments through text, and even started video chats through text.
And they’ve been doing it all with messaging tools—tools that work just as well from six feet as they do from sixty miles. They’ve maintained a personal touch, even when they can’t be in-person.
See for yourself how over fifty-five thousand businesses have been able to adapt with Podium. Go to Podium dot com slash starter to get started for free. That’s podium dot com slash starter.