Monkey Business

Intro music –

MC- Well hello everybody, and welcome to mental-peace theater.

Monkey- Hey, how ya’ doing… good to see everybody.

Audience – Ahhhh ( surprise)

MC- Today we have a very special guest in the theater, the captain of the flying monkey… Hello sir and how are you today?

Monkey- I dont know why everybody always so surprised that we talk,, I mean,, you weren’t that surprised when we flew in the movies so why the surprise now,, but anyway,,, I’m here representing the flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ. You know the Lion, the Scarecrow , the Tin man,,, even the dog they all had big press coverage,, but the flying monkeys nothing and we were the working stiffs of the crew.

MC- So tell us, what was your motivation to become a flying monkeys ??

Monkey- Well you know when you live in the magical world, it’s not a good idea to stand next to the Wicked Witch of the west , and say “When monkeys fly out my B**t” , I don’t think I need to say any more,,,, but I’ll tell ya,,, that Lion , couldn’t walk for a month. but you know it’s not like us Monkeys to just sit around and Nit pick,,,, well actually its sorta fun,, you sorta dig underneath the fur there,,, well,, never mind…

MC-So are you working for more work now? Or just drawing on the royalties of your past work?

Monkey- We’re just glad to be back together, and like to see some of the old gang again. unfortunately as you know, the Witch is all washed up now. But the rest of the gang and I still enjoy old times. We’re always looking for a new a new gig,, you know me and some of the guys have been doing some birthday parties, a couple of stripper nights , ,,, I hear Louie even did a , “When Monkeys go wild” video,,, but ,, I shouldn’t bring that up now…

MC- Well,,, This has been most entertaining, but unfortunately it’s time for us to go ….

Monkey-Yeah, time flies,,and so do Mokeys!

MC- Oh, my… well , Thank you very much and see you next time.

Exit Music,, Fade in -( intro music played backwards)