Dr. Seuss: From Then To Now

By now you should be standing in front of a series of world-famous children’s books created by Dr. Seuss – beginning with number 88 on your left: Green Eggs and Ham.

It’s no doubt familiar to you and your family – over 1.5 million copies have been sold annually since its creation in 1960. In fact, even forty years after its debut, children still mail the author green eggs and ham. By the time this book appeared in bookstores and libraries in 1960, Dr. Seuss had become an industry.

Take a moment and study the outrageous colors and free-spirited style the characters are rendered in. Look at the cover. It’s quite unlike the traditional D**k and Jane books so popular before Dr. Seuss. You probably are already pretty familiar with the verse. But note how it all comes together on the pages displayed – the art, the verse, the design, the colors… even the size of the book itself. Not a wasted inch or unnecessary verse. It’s all a symphony of very well orchestrated nonsense. And like all of his creations… it works; wonderfully