What Now?

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Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional

This class is designed to show Edge Studio Training Program graduates what to do with their demos, and the best way to look for work.

Class Length: One Hour


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Edge Studio’s What Now? class is the final step in the Edge Studio Training Program. If you are unsure about whether or not you should take this class, please contact the Edge Studio Education Team at 212-868-3343 before you register. If you are not yet enrolled in the Edge Studio Training Program, we recommend you do that first. You can learn more about our Training Program here.

So now you’ve completed your webinars, received your one-on-one training with an Edge Studio coach, and finally recorded your first Edge Studio demo! Great! But, what now? How can you use your training and your demo to book more work in the modern voice over industry? In this webinar, we will review & reassess your game plan, think about the best ways to start to market yourself, and help you start finding work! This class is designed for people who recently recorded their demos with Edge Studio, and are about to launch their voice over career!

Edge Studio will give you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the pieces of your voice over business into a marketable game plan. Learn the first steps that you should take now that you have your professionally produced voice over demo in hand.

This class is a perfect opportunity to learn from a working voice over pro, and prepare for a fun, lucrative career!

In Edge Studio’s What Now? class, you will learn:

  • Clear next steps for marketing your demo and your voice over business
  • How to present yourself to clients professionally so they are inspired to call you back again and again
  • Secrets to creating a list of short term, realistic goals for yourself
  • The discipline of creating some long term goals for yourself and how to achieve those goals
  • How to develop a mindset for success and to keep a positive attitude as you start your career.

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  1. Ideal class to learn the basics.

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  2. Randye is really encouraging, inspiring, and of course informative! She thoroughly provided all the answers to the to the great “What Now?” question. I feel it really is going to help me on and along the way. Thank you!

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  3. This was a truly valuable webinar that gave me many worthwhile ideas on how to proceed.

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  4. Thank you for the fantastic ‘What Now?’ class on Sunday,July 13. You did a great job pulling it all together in terms of our new perspective because of having a demo. It really does present a new, challenging and inviting landscape. My worlds collided earlier tonight. I had been working as a writer/website designer and still have some clients. And I still get job ads and notices via LinkedIn even though I have been working as a Groomer’s Assistant at Petco while doing the program at Edge Studio. When a list of job opportunities arrived tonight from LinkedIn, I suddenly saw the list as potential Voice-Over clients, instead of jobs I would not be looking for now. So, thanks to you, I have a great start on my list of potential clients. You really gave a great overview of the business, performance skills, home studio and marketing aspects of becoming an independent contractor. I love the idea of the reading group and had actually tried to start one. I’m going to try again, with renewed vigor. Thank you again for an excellent class.

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  5. Great class with Randye on Tuesday, reaffirming all the lessons learned along the way, and giving us the confidence & strive to continue to pursue this trade. Ready to hit the ground running. Many thanks

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