Script Analysis & Interpretation for Voice Over Actors



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

In this class, led by Edge Studio’s David Goldberg, learn how to understand the motivations behind a writer’s script, and how to deliver an effective performance that wins them over.

Class Length: One Hour


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An oddity in our business…  Clients know what they want, yet often don’t tell you. Even when they do, it’s often unclear or lacking sufficient detail.  Is this because they expect you to read their mind???  Actually, no. Rather they assume you’re a pro and can glean what needs to be done.

In Script Analysis & Interpretation, David Goldberg’s newest class, you’ll learn how to decipher what clients want, so your auditions and recordings keep winning you work.

David will share numerous techniques that Voice Directors use to break down voice over scripts in various genres and styles, and help you understand the importance of background, plot, structure, character, dialogue, and all the elements that collectively determine what the client wants.

Volunteers will read and analyze copy keeping both creative expression and the goals of the production in mind. Acting ability is as important as performance technique in the delivery of voice over performances and David will provide you with the insight to create a strong balance.

In this 90-minute live, remote class, you will learn how to understand the motivations behind a writer’s script, and how to deliver an effective performance. And you will focus on specific tools and techniques you should apply to the specifications and copy for a richer performance that wins auditions and keeps clients coming back for more.

In this class, you will learn:

  • A solid breakdown of the script, with focus and recognition on spotting key words to hit, when to pause…and when not to, tempo, emotion, and ultimately how to match your recording to the other production elements, such as music, sound effects, graphics, and visuals.
  • A step-by-step script analysis system that will help you bring the copy to life … and life to the copy.
  • Optimal script analysis & interpretation methods to maximize the copywriter’s intention.
  • The application of the craft and system to the particular demands of various genres and styles.

If you’re interested in Script Analysis & Interpretation and prefer to work with David Goldberg on-one-one, purchase a Private Evaluation to assess your VO abilities, a Demo Training Program for an extensive coaching package that culminates in a fully-produced demo, or join David’s year-long Mentorship Program.


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