Mentoring with DG



Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional / Working Professional

A one-year long mentorship program with Edge Studio Founder and CEO, David Goldberg. Mentorship includes personalized career advice, private coaching sessions, and more!

Need a little help paying for your mentorship with David Goldberg? Edge Studio offers interest-free, in house financing for all our students. Please contact our main office at 212-868-3343 or email for more information about how to enroll.


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If you are an Aspiring Professional currently in an Edge Studio training program, or are currently a Working Professional, this mentoring program becomes available to you upon approval.  Please fill out the form at the top of this page and an Edge Studio team member will be in touch within 2-3 business days.


The goal of David Goldberg’s Mentoring Program is to help sharpen your voice over skills and keep you at the top of your game.

You’ll have…

  • One-on-one communication with David for any questions you may have.
  • Continual advice, training, guidance, and direction with David.
  • David provides tips, guidance, and structure so you grow your Voice Over business.

…which will provide

  • Awareness so you understand what prospective clients think of you.
  • Maintenance, so you stay on top of your game.
  • Relevancy, so new voice actors don’t grab your clients.
  • And a continual ‘kick in the a*s’ to maintain progress ensuring you win more work.


Initial Orientation & Analysis – 90 minute session

In this session, you and David will openly discuss your career. This is the time for you to be candid. Where are you, and where do you wish to be? How often do you audition, and how often do you win? What types of clients do you currently have, and what types do you desire to have? Lay it all out, bring up any questions and hurdles you may have, and frankly discuss what goals you have.

The Initial Orientation & Analysis includes:

Performance review: You read scripts, audition style, for David to review so that he might gauge your strengths, weaknesses, and marketable styles. You are given some direction and you have chances to re-read, then David will share with you methods to enhance your reads.

Demo review: David reviews your demos from the perspective of a seasoned casting professional. He hears what most voice actors don’t, clearly and quickly pointing out things that you may not have been able to hear yourself- those things that you wish you had known about earlier. He gives you practical suggestions on enhancing your demo.

Website review: David reviews your website. He sees what prospective clients see, in most cases pointing out things which you will be amazed you hadn’t noticed … things that need to be addressed and adjustments that need to be made.

Marketing plan review: David will ask what are your short and long term marketing goals? What does your current marketing activity actually look like? Review both with David and discuss whether your marketing approach is practical and efficient. Together, you will tailor a plan that will help you get your marketing strategies in ship-shape.

At the end of this session, you and David put your pieces into a practical game plan for moving forward, based on your budget and interests. That plan will be subdivided into in three sections:

  • Clarification of your objectives
  • Establishment of your practical goals
  • Creation of an actionable plan with a timeline and milestones to be hit

You will set up a timeline with achievable goals, and he gives you homework to kickstart the growth of your Voice Over business. This is a realistic game plan – something obtainable – something you can make happen – and something David monitors alongside you throughout the upcoming year.

Quarterly Business Progress-Tracking – 60 minute session

Get a serious ‘kick in the pants’ every three months. Establish a state of the union with your voice over business, assess whether or not you’ve hit your milestones (remember, you’re given homework), review your progress, analyze your recent voice over income, look at everything from the perspective of clients, map out logical steps to grow your business, and map out goals for the next quarter.

You and David ensure you’re keeping your business plan on target.

Monthly “Before You Submit It” Audition Direction – 15 minute session

Once a month, David will direct you (via telephone or Skype) on one of your auditions. Obviously you’ll want to wait for a significant audition, one which you really want to win. These sessions are scheduled whenever you need them, dependent on David’s availability, often within 24-hours for quick deadlines.

Monthly Performance Coaching – 60 minute session

Stay agile and focused with monthly one-on-one training sessions. David will provide scripts (of course, you’re welcome to supply any you want to work on), and you work with him as your coach, turning what he is best known for to your advantage: quick and efficient direction helping you not only to improve your vocal delivery but also to improve the quality of your audition submissions resulting in more work. Either train at Edge Studio NYC, or remotely from your home studio via telephone or Skype.