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Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional / Working Professional

David Goldberg personally coaches you through Edge Studio’s Full Training Program. The program includes an education consultation, eight webinars, five private coaching sessions with David, one demo preparation session with David, and one demo record with David. You’ll walk away with a fully produced, industry-standard voice over demo. overseen by David.

This program is ideal for students of all skill levels – a great entry program for VO newcomers, or an excellent experience for students returning to training to elevate their skills.

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David Goldberg is one of the most sought after coaches in the world. Voice actors rely on his ability to help them realize their full potential, benefiting from his perception, directing ability, and production savvy. While working one-on-one with David, you will hone your voice over skills and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry.

Now is your opportunity to train with the best, David Goldberg.

David’s training program features:

  • Live training with our expert Edge Studio coaches- We don’t believe in pre-recorded classes 
  • A wide array of continuing education opportunities that will teach you how to market yourself, build a home studio, develop your business plan, and work on your vocal technique
  • Private training exclusively with David Goldberg
  • Dedicated Education Advisors who will take you through every step of the process
  • A flexible schedule based on your availability
  • Train from anywhere- David pioneered remote voice over training
  • The best demos on the voice over market today personally produced by Edge Studio’s CEO, David Goldberg

Education Consultation

Careful planning now will result in a more marketable voice over demo and a fruitful career down the road. When you sign up for the Edge Studio Training Program, an Education Advisor will set up an introductory phone call with you to discuss your voice over goals and gather information to help set you up for success. Edge Studio will make recommendations about first steps to take in your program.

Voice Over Foundational Webinars (8)

These webinars will give you an overview of the voice over industry and focus on various essential aspects of being a voice actor. The eight webinars included in the program are:

Technique 101

Home Studio 101

Auditions 101

Don’t Embarrass Yourself

Marketing 101

Vocal Health

Business & Money 101

What Now?

Private Coaching with David (5 sessions)

Private one-on-one coaching is the best way to develop your skills as a voice artist, and David Goldberg is one of the best coaches in the industry! David will develop an individualized plan that helps you focus on skills to nurture your personal sound, working towards recording a demo. In these sessions, you and David will also begin creating scripts that you will use for your demo based on your unique voice and ability.

Demo Reel Preparation and Recording

Once you have completed your Private Coaching, you will work with David to begin production of your voice over demo. This involves:

Demo Preparation session: You’ll learn all about the demo record process, and give you one final opportunity to work on your scripts with David. Think of this time as a final dress rehearsal.

Demo Record Session: You enter the booth and record the demo you have been working on with your coach! David will direct you during your recording session. Either record in person in NYC or at our partner studio in Los Angeles (recording in these locations is included in the cost of the program), or record at an approved alternate studio anywhere in the world and David will direct you via phone or Zoom. Students are responsible for covering the cost of a studio rental, if not at one of Edge’s two recording locations. If unable to travel, you are welcome to record your demo in your own home studio.

Receive Your Fully-Produced Demo

Edge Studio’s Engineering Team works to edit, sequence, process, mix, and master your demo under the supervision of Edge’s CEO, David Goldberg. It will be emailed to you for your review, and you and our Education Team will discuss any comments you may have. There are never additional fees for one round of reasonable revisions. We want you to feel comfortable and happy with your demo.

Continuing Education

Once you finish your 1-Demo Voice Over Training Program, round out your training with our continuing education opportunities. You can choose to work towards additional demos, get private coaching sessions to hone your craft or brush up your skills as needed, or join David Goldberg’s Mentorship Program.

All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or adjustments to previous purchases will be given. All sales expire two years from the original date of purchase.

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  1. Couldn’t be happier with my demo! Before I even began “officially” marketing, I quickly got a job doing a website voiceover for IBM! It all originated with the agency’s creative director hearing my demo. Many thanks to David for his support, enthusiasm and expert direction. It’s terrific to so immediately have validation that the work is good and that the demo accurately and professionally represents me.

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  2. When I tried to strike into the voiceover industry on my own, I quickly learned that I needed a professional demo. But what I got with Edge Studio was so much more than just a demo, it was personalized coaching and step-by-step learning that helped me confidently launch into the industry knowing I was ready and I belonged here. Now that I’m regularly booking jobs, I still come back to Edge to take webinars and get more coaching so I can continue to sharpen my skills and stay competitive.

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  3. Just a quick note to say that thanks to all the training I received at Edge, I was able to book a NATIONAL(!) radio spot for Prudential Insurance! Thanks again for all the help, inspiration and training!!

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  4. I case you are wondering, I did finally get my first job. YAY! Loving this VO world! I think I would do it even if I never made a dime. Determined to make a career of it though. I appreciate you all so much for all your help and encouragement.

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  5. I am a graduate of the Edge program in Voiceover, and I’m happy to tell you that within less than 2 months, I’ve booked jobs that have made back my entire monies spent on classes and equipment. I consider myself very lucky, but I would certainly have not gotten any of these jobs without the help of my coach, David, and the amazing commercial demo your studio produced with me. I’d be happy to have my face/story somewhere on the site, as a thank-you!

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