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David’s guidance and suggestions have helped thousands of people reach their goals when speaking publicly and recording their voice. 

His student’s results are out of this world – ask anyone who worked with him; He’s different, leads you quickly, and has very impressive results.  Having at least one session with him is ideal. Plus he draws on the vast VO knowledge of his amazing Edge Studio team.

Sessions with David are different; you’ll cover a lot in a short amount of time, with an “Ahh, that totally makes sense – and I can do it now” takeaway.  His sessions have single-handedly been the most helpful, beneficial step in new & working voice actor’s VO growth.

This is where you purchase private sessions with David, for:

  • Overhaul Sessions: This is an intense look at everything you have regarding your voice and audio; including demos, website, marketing plan, etc. It’s a chance to look at everything you have, make sense of it all, and figure out what next steps make the most sense.  Discuss where you are and where you want to be.  Ask all your questions.  It’s a time to straightforwardly assess your training path, assess what’s working for clients, what won’t, and how to revamp it so you move forward in a smarter way.  Your personal goals, demos (if you have), ideas, website (if you have), thoughts on clients, concerns you have… we’ll put everything together and in perspective. This session can be in-person at Edge’s NYC studio or online via Zoom.
  • Voice Over & Public Speaking Training: Interested in a Private Voice Over Session with David Goldberg?  Want Audition training?  Performance training?  An Overhaul session? Or a consultation?  David is the founder of Edge Studio, he is one of the most sought after voice over coaches in the world, and voice actors rely on his ability to help them realize their full potential, benefiting from his perception, directing ability, experience as a casting director, and voice over production savvy. While working one-on-one in a Private Voice Over Coaching Session with David Goldberg, you will hone your voice over skills and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry.
  • Audio Quality & Recording Setup Consultations: He’s also regularly requested for consultations on agents, home studios, payrates, and more.  In general, he’s a source of guidance for thousands of actors, with many hundred continually regularly relying on him for audition prep.

Sessions are one-hour long, and are in-person in NYC or remote via Zoom.

The core of anyone’s voice over training is the one-on-one coaching that you receive from a working voice over professional. It is the only way for your to truly develop your skills as a voice artist. Whether you are a novice looking to launch your career, or if you are already a working professional needing to hone your skills, David Goldberg is the coach who can help you meet your voice over goals.

Do you live in the New York Metro area? Great! David is eager to help hone your craft in our Manhattan studio. Our state-of-the-art headquarters is conveniently located right off Times Square. 

Far from our New York headquarters? No problem: David is capable of teaching remotely via Skype, Zoom, or telephone, whatever you are most comfortable with. Worried about training remotely? Don’t be! You can receive the exact same experience virtually. In fact, the majority of voice over jobs are directed by clients remotely, so distance training is a natural teaching environment for us. And for you as a voice over artist, training virtually teaches you to take direction and perform remotely.

Top speakers and voice over professionals all over the world come to Edge for a Sessions with David Goldberg in order to keep their voice over skills sharp, their business acumen in tune with the modern market, and ensure they are operating at the top of their game.

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  1. David is a great listener and a great teacher! Also, his marketing advice is invaluable.

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  2. I just love David! I have had coaching and feedback from many sources, but I am never as good as I am when he is coaching me. He intuitively senses what I need to do to sound better, more conversational, and credible. He has also given me tips when I was doing my editing wrong.

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  3. I just had David review my first Commercial demo script recordings as part of Edge’s “You Record, We MIx” demo program.
    His findings were quite surprising, but very insightful. I am choosing to go in a different direction and switch to Documentary training.
    I trust David’s knowledge and experience and trust that this new direction will provide me with more successful casting in the future.

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  4. David is a great VO coach especially for the conversational style because he tells the evaluates performances effectively with concrete advice on what needs to be done to improve every performance. The best part is that his feedback explains the “why”.

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  5. I am enthusiastic about getting re-energized and back into the VO industry, and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than David Goldberg. He has a keen sense to quickly zero in on an actor’s talent, skills, and strengths. He helped me with branding myself, my résumé, and how I might find the contacts I need; we reviewed my goals, background, and skill set; we discussed putting some new demos in place; he even suggested genres for me that I hadn’t considered before that he thought my voice might be well suited for! David was very thorough, complimentary, and insightful. And I was thrilled to be encouraged again, no longer questioning that I have what it takes to succeed and excel. Our hour had passed before I‘d realized it … way too quickly … because I valued every second of this time together. I can’t wait to keep moving forward, pursuing this forever dream of mine, and discovering how to get exactly where I need to be! I have faith that David, and other members of the Edge team, will get me there. I am truly grateful for his help and advice.

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