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Hi all! I am giving it another go, and trying another wildlife read — this time with Flying Squirrels.

Appreciate any feedback, but, I am specifically looking for feedback on pacing and pitch. More emphasis on northern flying squirrels is probably needed?
I am aware that “but”, “distances”, and “this” didn’t come out clearly. (Any others?)

This is my last audio upload for the week, as I will be taking a little break, but I will be back later in the weekend to give feedback.

To those who celebrate, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Flying Squirrel

(Nature on PBS: How the Flying Squirrel Soars)

A nocturnal member of the squirrel family searches for fungi, its favorite food. But fungi are spread in random patches throughout the forest and the squirrel has to cover large distances to find them. So this squirrel has evolved a special talent – it flies! The northern flying squirrel is just six inches long and weighs the same as a typical smartphone. Yet it can leap almost 150 feet between trees.

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