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Welcome to the world’s largest voiceover script library – over 6,000 scripts, with more continually being added by the Edge Studio community!  Find free English and Spanish scripts, in 30 genres, ranging from commercial voiceover, audiobooks, anime, and narration.  This is a chance to experiment with new genres, try new styles, and practice before your next audition or coaching session.

Our script library is meant for practice, exploration, and script analysis – we advise against using these scripts to record your demo. To get started, select a script category on the left.


Kids hate the word no. As in no you can’t stay up late, no you can’t have more ice cream [...]

Ancient Mysteries

Be it endless fascination with the Bible, or chilling tales of Gothic horror, man has been compelled by the wonders [...]

300 The Movie

“Remember us.” As simple an order as a king can give. “Remember why we died.” For he did not wish [...]

American Tire Supply

Free. Now when’s the last time ya’ heard that? A while…right? Well at American Tire Supply, when you buy one [...]

Sesame Place Theme Park

Sesame Place is the theme park where Sesame Street comes to life! New in 2018 is our biggest, most exciting [...]


Flock to Florida, hang ten in Hawaii, cruise in California… whichever sun-sational trip you take, you’ll get discounts of up [...]

Iphone 4 Ad

It’s the end of the day. And you missed it. Where did those hours go? Get in the driver’s seat [...]

UCLA Extension

We are UCLA Extension. We are scholars, innovators, visionaries, experimenters. We are idealists, artists, and optimists. We have a one [...]

24 Promo (Jack Bauer)

24 Promo Script: They can attack him. They can judge him. But they can never break him. The nation is [...]

Automotive Commercial

As a parent, I want to know that my kids are safe wherever they are. That includes riding in the [...]

Commercial Honda Clarity Hybrid

With the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid the end of your battery charge isn’t the end of the world It runs [...]


4H 4H It began with the seed of an idea. In 1902, the heartland needed folks to embrace new advances [...]


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