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Educational Explainer Video Intro Only – Real Estate

Would you like to buy a house? Maybe it’s your first house, or even your 2nd and you just think [...]

e-Learning: Drum Rudiments – Flams

This lesson dedicated to snare drum rudiments introduces the Flams: Flam Accent, Flam Paradiddle, Flamacue and Flam Tap. The Flam, [...]


Heart-stirring, crowd-rousing, life-changing theatre-in-education programs are a bedrock tradition at Shakespeare & Company. Our Education Program brings the classical poetry [...]

Financial Engines

Financial Engines provides investors with honest, personalized advice and portfolio management. Available online, on paper, and by phone, our advice [...]

American Airlines

American Airlines Welcome aboard American Airlines coast-to-coast service. We’ll be happy to do everything possible to make your flight with [...]

Biogenetic Law

Commonly summarized as “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” (on-TA-jeh-nee re-cah-PIT-you-lates fill-AH-jeh-nee), biogenetic law posits that the embryonic stages in the development of [...]

Company Website Greeting

Meet Bob. Like 95% of car shoppers, he uses his computer, smartphone and tablet to shop for his next car.A [...]


I don’t know about you, but I like our planet a lot! And one of the easiest ways we can [...]

Nature’s Recyclers

Did you know that mold and bacteria and higher level organisms like beetles, centipedes and, of course, earthworms are all [...]

Kids Activity TV

Every day is an adventure with Activity TV. It’s the place to be for hundreds of Awesome activities in dozens [...]


Creativity is not the same as hard work or effort, it requires genuine inspiration. It’s the product of a mind [...]

Children’s Educational Space Game

Today we’re going to explore all of the planets in our solar system and some other places as well. We’ll [...]


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