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Welcome to the world’s largest voiceover script library – over 6,000 scripts, with more continually being added by the Edge Studio community!  Find free English and Spanish scripts, in 30 genres, ranging from commercial voiceover, audiobooks, anime, and narration.  This is a chance to experiment with new genres, try new styles, and practice before your next audition or coaching session.

Our script library is meant for practice, exploration, and script analysis – we advise against using these scripts to record your demo. To get started, select a script category on the left.


At Freshii you can customize your entree and be your own culinary master. So what’s in your custom bowl? Tex [...]

Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Kids can change minds. They can even change the world around us. Packed with protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals, [...]

Peet’s Coffee

characters like Marie. She’s a character. She does ballet. Professionally. Because character. That’s what we’re about. Alfred Peet. Now, there [...]

McCholesterol’s redo

Come to Mclesterole’s and try our Triple Bacon and cheese Heart Attack Burger and triple fat fries! This Friday, for [...]


Butterball brings you the joys of turkey day. Friends and family drop in to bask in the warmth of the [...]

Berry Burst

Thank you for calling General Mills. While we connect you with someone who can help, let’s talk about Cheerios and [...]

Popeye’s Chicken

Got a cravin’ for Cajun? Come along for some New Orleans style fried chicken, cajun battered fries, and buttermilk biscuits. [...]

Beringer Wine

Beringer Wine Some might choose a lecture or a documentary film to tell the story of 125 years of winemaking. [...]

Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken Here’s the deal. At this time of year, you’re probably craving seafood. And if you are, you’re probably [...]

Special K Red Berries

Putting strawberries in cereal wasn’t our idea. Putting them in the box was. With slices of real strawberries and crunchy [...]

Pizza Hut

Only Pizza Hut gives you sixteen mozzarella bites on a large pizza! See kids? Dreams do come true! The ultimate [...]

Jack Daniel – Tennessee Whiskey

In Lynchburg, Tennessee, you can park in the middle of the road to talk with a neighbor about taxes or [...]


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