Zero Card (Animated Explainer)

ZERO CARD (Animated Explainer)
Voice Over Text Only (first 60 seconds of 2-minute spot)

We live in a world with lots of claims about your Health…
“Lose stubborn belly fat in seconds!”
“Regrow hair in 10 days!”
“Drink tea from organic, spring-fed fir trees!”
“Unicorns really exist?!”
Let’s face it – 99.7% of these offers are pure and utter hogwash.
But it turns out there is one offer that is 110% true.
High-quality healthcare at zero cost to you.
Sound too good to believe? It isn’t.
It’s called Zero Card. And the best part about it is, you already have it!
Welcome to Zero Card.
You are a member
Your employer has added Zero Card to your company’s health plan.
They must really love you.
Zero Card provides hundreds of healthcare services from industry leading doctors and specialists.
Healthcare services like
Lab Work
Physical Therapy
MRI, & CT Scans
And hundreds of surgical procedures
All you pay for these covered services is zero.
Yes, zero…