X-Ray Vision – Samsung Family Hub Refigerator at Lowes

Specifications: Character voice for toy superhero doll laying on floor in front of new Samsung Internet connected refrigerator. 30 second spot with announcer outgoing at the end. Character section will take 24 seconds with the outgoing voice taking 6 seconds. Timing would be critical.

Script: (Scene setting: Superhero doll on the floor facing new refrigerator, “Sally” will be visible in another room but not in kitchen.)

Hero: “Carrots, last night’s pepperoni pizza, an avocado.

Yeah, I’ve got x-ray vision, but so does Sally here…because she went to Lowe’s and got the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. It has three built-in cameras that link to her smartphone. So she can always see which groceries she needs.


…..I can’t un-see that.

Announcer: Now get up to 30% off select major appliances $396 (read “three ninety-six”) or more at Lowes.