Wondering Where The Lions Are

One day, a lion announced he was sick.

He let out a feeble roar that summoned
All the animals to his death bed to pay
Their last respects.

Then he slowly turned and entered his cave.

A goat came and entered the cave.
Then a sheep went in.
Then a duck.

After a while, the sick lion came to the mouth of his cave.

He yawned. Finally, he noticed Fox, who had been waiting outside.

“Fox,” smiled the Lion, in a welcoming kind of way.
Why have you not entered my cave to pay your respects to me?

“Your Majesty,” said the fox.
“I noticed animals go into your cave, but none come out.”
The fox ran away.

This is an Aesop Fable called The Fox and The Lion
Contributed by Richurd