This book is my very first book and publication to the masses. It is about my personal story and journey as a premature baby, who was only given 30 days to live, born into a rural, low-middle class family in Tennessee to become a College Graduate, Father, Husband, Loyal Friend, Established Engineer and Manager of the largest ice cream manufacturing facility in the world, Entrepreneur, Financial Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Publishing Company Owner.
As I have matured and unknowingly become an inspiration to others, it is evident to me that everyone has a story and a journey to share with others that will make a difference in the world. Regardless of your circumstances, you can overcome. You can be as successful and as happy as you desire by walking in your purpose. While doing so, you will create unlimited financial wins and have continuous residual income and profits as you share your journey and story with others. The only requirement is that you believe in yourself. Once you believe in you and your purpose, you will become rich and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.