Voiceovers by Janet Wilcox

When a movie star walks down the street he is likely to be followed by an entourage, fans, and the paparazzi. An equally talented voice-over artist, on the other hand, usually remains invisible, no matter how successful she’s been. However, once people discover that she’s a voice-over artist, she’s in the limelight.
“What kind of jobs do you do?”
“Do I have the right kind of voice to do it?”
“How much money do you make?”
These are the questions that are likely to follow.
I discovered voice acting on my first production job at HBO. I was hooked after my initial recording in the booth. I studied, acted, and booked everything from spots to shows. These shows have included
E! Network’s Hollywood & Divine, Beauty Secrets Revealed. I was also the voice of Lifetime TV’s Billboards. This experience and my academic background were a perfect match for University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension.
Once I started teaching at UCLA Extension, I was surprised that so many people told me they were interested in pursuing voice-overs or taking my class.