Unexpected Success

Unexpected Success.
By Greg Schwarzbach

Sometimes, when a person sets out to accomplish one goal, they wind up unexpectedly accomplishing another, and they become legends.
Take Harvey Chase. When he tried out for the football team, he discovered that it had no more openings. All the sports teams were full. So the only thing left was the tiddly winks team. Hesitantly, Harvey joined. He faced great challenges, mastering the squidgers and winks. After years of ups and downs in his career, Harvey was dubbed “The P*t Man.” His uncanny accuracy and style with the squidger became legendary. No p*t placement was too far. After taking many titles, Harvey retired, but continued to do shows in Las Vegas performing many trick shots, which often were adopted by professional players. He continues to this day, as old as Harvey is, to give talks to young children urging them to pursue this little known, and amazing career.