Thought Free Golf

Ever wished you could bring your best driving range swing to the first tee – and the next seventeen too? You know that you have that swing in you, but something happens on the course and your mind interferes with your body. Distractions like the pressure to score well, hitting in front of others, feeling rushed, or even second-guessing yourself all prevent access to your perfect swing.
Now, you can thank Thought-Free-Golf: a simple system that gives you mastery over the mental side of your game. Thought Free Golf is designed to program your brain to shut out all distracting thoughts allowing you access to your perfect swing – every hole.
Just by listening to the CD repeatedly Thought Free Golf “hard wires” a thought routine into your brain. For those curious to understand how it works, the system includes a book, which gives a detailed explanation of how Thought Free Golf programs the subconscious mind to yield powerful results. It is also full of simple tips on mastering the mental side of your game.
Also, look for Thought Free Putting, which is specifically targeted at eliminating the dreaded “yips”!
Available at or 1-800-274-7185