They’re coming

*Running down street in rain, breathing heavily, stops at door*

John: Hello?! Is there anybody there?! *Bangs on door* H**l-

Nigel: Who the h**l do you think you are?

John: Please, let me in. I’m being followed. I need help. Please, just let me in.

Nigel: Are you crazy or something?


Nigel: Go away *goes to shut door*

John: No, Nigel, wait! *blocks door*


Nigel: How do you know my name?

John: Please, just let me in.


Nigel: Come in.

John: Oh, G*d, thank you, thank you.

*door slams*

Nigel: Who the h**l are you? And how do you know my name?!

John: My name’s John. We’ve met before.

Nigel: I’ve never seen you before in my life- holy- you’re bleeding!

John: I know I am.

Nigel: It’s all over your chest! Here, sit down.

John: No, I don’t have much time. You need to listen to me.

Nigel: I said siddown! I’m not having you pass out on the floor.

John: Nigel, listen to me. It’s not just me they’re after. They’re coming for you too.

Nigel: What-What do you mean? Who’s coming?

John: Here, take this.

Nigel: What is it?

John: A note. Don’t read it until I’m gone-

*John is overcome with coughing and falls to the floor*

Nigel: Oh no, oh no no no. John? John? Hello? S**t, s**t s**t.

John: (dying) You need to run. They wont have figured out who you are yet. Get in your car, and go *dies*

Nigel: John? John?? *pause, then the sound of paper being unraveled. Nigel gasps.* I… I need to go. I’m sorry, John.

*Sound of receding footsteps, door slams, car engine starts and pulls away.