The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving an F

In our society, Sorry! is used as shorthand for anything from “I’m not really sorry, I’m just saying that to smooth over whatever I just did to you” all the way to a nail-biting “Oh s**t, what have I done?”

And not to put too fine a gender-biased point on it, but women, especially, tend to say it way too much in an attempt to preemptively or actively defend themselves against perceived slights in the workplace, among friends, or in relationships.

When you’ve actually behaved badly, you should be sorry and you should say so. And if you’re about to behave badly and think that a quick Sorry is going to ameliorate it, you’re wrong. Maybe stop being such as a*****e for a change.

But if you’ve done nothing to be sorry about it, you can (a) stop feeling sorry and (b) stop telling people you are!

In other words, the NotSorry Method achieves eponymous results. Following it encourages and enables you to act in a way that doesn’t require your saying – or being – sorry at all.