Suave Male Voice for Gourmet Shop ad.

This is an ad for a stylish gourmet shop which sells very typical Portuguese local brands, so we need the voice-over to be calm, suave and relaxed.

In this world of mass tourism, it’s becoming harder and harder to find an authentic gift to take back home. It feels like everything is made in China nowadays.

At the market in Loulé (P**N: Low Lay, stress on ‘lay’), a passionate team of collectors made it possible for you to find traditional products from small and family based manufacturers.

Choose any product from the shop to compose your own stylish basket, like wine, honey, black pork chouriços, traditional tin cans with classic Portuguese delicacies. It’s all at your fingertips.

Not thinking of buying any souvenirs? Just relax with a delicious glass of wine and a nice chat with Tania and João, or with fellow travelers.
(P**N: Joe-aw, stress on ‘aw’)

11 Gourmet, door number 11 at the Loulé market, much more than just a number.